The Modest Bride is a space for like-minded individuals who understand the struggle to ‘keep it modest’ on their big day and beyond. Editor Saltanat understood that there was a unique gap in the bridal industry for those who appreciated an undeniably beautiful dimension of modesty, modernity and minimalism that is unapologetically informed by Islamic ideals.


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The Modest Bride is a blog dedicated to inspiring and sourcing the best vendors of the business for the uber stylish yet demure bride. It began as an Instagram account (@themodestbride) and after achieving a following of around 10,000 on Instagram, a website was developed. The Instagram account has over 30,000 followers, Facebook over 1000 with regular traffic to the website as well.

When Sultanat started the instagram account, it was mainly a creative outlet on the side. She said “what makes The Modest Bride unique is that it is informed by a radically different ethos to all the bridal websites out there. It is uncompromising in its values and strives to instil them into every facet of a wedding. It really is targeted at a niche audience by inspiring, and being inspired by, them (the target audience). Every single post is carefully curated to fit a very specific aesthetic. I don’t post every long sleeve wedding dress out there. It has to portray a sense of beauty and professionalism that is one cannot help but appreciate.”

The Modest Bride is not just for Muslims. Modesty is a value shared by Muslims and people who aren’t Muslim alike, with varying definitions of the term. It is inspired by the belief that people appreciate beauty objectively, separate from the values that inform the aesthetic.


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The philosophy behind the The Modest Bride is to not compromise on the values of modesty when it comes to one’s wedding day. Weddings these days have become the perfect excuse for extravagance.
“I’m actually seeing a rise in over the top spending on flowers, the dress and cars in Muslim weddings. Every value we hold dear is suddenly thrown out the window come one’s wedding. The cultural norm to ‘show our best to the community’ really results in a lot of unnecessary, unethical choices to host a wedding that is in most cases unaffordable.”


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The Modest Bride is really about showing people that one need not compromise on these values of ethics, morality and ultimately modesty, to achieve a beautiful and memorable wedding.

The aim of The Modest Bride is to remind people of the true purpose of a wedding- that is, marriage- and to begin this important stage in a person’s life by taking the best step forward.

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