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53. Al- Qawī –  The All- Strong 

“Truly Allah defends1 those who believe2. Indeed Allah does likes not any treacherous ingrate to Allah (those who disobey Allah but obey Shatain) 

Permission to fight (against disbelievers) is given to these (the prophet’s companions) who are being fought because they were wronged4 and surely, Allah is Able to give them victory5 .

(They are) those who have been evicted from their homes unjustly6 only because They said:  “Our Rabb is Allah”7  And  were it not that Allah checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, church, synagogues8  and mosques,  wherein the Name of Allah is mentioned much9 . And Allah will surely support those who help Him (His cause). Truly, Allah is All-Strong (53), All-Mighty. 9 

 (Al-Hajj, 22:38- 40) 

This whole chapter 22 Al-Hajj deals with the great service carried by the Arch- Prophet Abraham (a.s.) by erecting a great place of worship in the place where he left his son Ishmael (a.s.) and his wife Hagar (a.s.) in Makka, Arabia to make it as their residing place while he is going away to different corner of the world for preaching the Oneness of God.  He named this worship as The Hajj (Pilgrimage) for praising and prostrating for the Unseen Allah (God) to be visualized through His marvelous manifestation, bounties and blessings.

Describing the introduction and the details of the religious rituals, Allah explains the main proceedings and purpose of this worship which has been badly changed by the pagans of Arabia. This passage starts with the support of Allah to the believers.

During the struggle and conflict between the divine truth and the denials of disbelieving humans, Allah supports the believers and promises them that if they sincerely, without personal interest, wish to propagate the truth Allah defends the believers.  This defence of Allah is one-sided the material and the spiritual support to the believers to demolish the mysterious people.

Hence Allah is for the party of the believers. The reason is that the believers are on the right path in propagating the truth which is a noble work while the other party, disbelievers, they are treacherous people revolting against their Creator as well as they are the deniers of the bounties of Allah. They are dishonest and committing treachery against Allah. They are even thankless for the blessings given to them by Allah.

This is the first permission given to believers for fighting in the battle for the path of Allah against those who have wronged them. In this verse only permission has been given now in the month Zul-Hajj, 1H while the permission for the participation in the first battle Badr is given just few days before the occurrence in Rajab/ Shabaan, 2H.

It seems strange that the small number of believers residing in Madinah were given permission to take part in battle with limited armaments – swords and spears. Even the total number of believers throughout Arabia were less than 8000.  In spite of such a delicate situation Allah reveals, “Allah is able to give them victory”.  This, on one hand gave a lot of consideration to the believers for having the support of Allah in clear terms and on the other hand it was a warning to the disbelievers that your contest is not with a handful number of believers but it is with Allah who is the Creator, Controller and Master of the whole word and universe. This verse shows that the chapter Al-Hajj was revealed after the Hijra.

The believers were evicted from Makkah very cruelly as demonstrated by the incidents of Suhaib Rumee, Lady Umm Salmah,  Abul Salmah and Ayash Bin Rabinash (raa)

The words Sawamah, Biyai and Salawat are used in Arabic. Sawamah is termed for the place where monks and reclusive religious people lived. Biyai is used for the religious places of Christians and Salawat is the place for the prayer offering of the Jews. The Aramaic word for the Jews was slowta.

It is a great benevolence of Allah that He removes one set of people through another set of people. Otherwise if one particular group would have occupied the power and control of any territory, the parliament houses, industrial and trade centers all would have been demolished.  Rather, even the places of worship would not have been left secure from the clutches of mindless persons. But, Allah is the Great, Benefactor for the mankind in that He crushes and demolishes the wrong-doers when they cross the limit. Please, refer Al-Quran (Al-Baqarah, 2:251).

This idea has been mentioned in quite a number of places in Al-Quran: that the people who call the public towards the Creator and the Controller of the whole world for worship of the One Universal God (Allah) and make their utmost efforts to establish the true religions and replace the evils by the goodness are the helpers of Allah.  Actually this is the Will of Allah for which they accompany Allah. Please refer to Al-e-Imran, (3:49-53).

54. Al Matin – Owner of Power, The Most Firm 

“And I (Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone).1

I seek not any provision from them (i.e provision for themselves or for My creatures) nor do I ask that they should feed Me (i.e feed themselves or My creatures).  2

Verily,  Allah is the All-Provider Owner of Power, the Most Firm.” 3

 (Adh – Dhariyat, 51: 56 58) 

It means that Allah says, “I have created the Jinn and the human kind only for servitude to Myself, never for anyone else. This servitude is to be performed because of the reality that I am the Creator. Therefore, what privilege does anyone else have to be served? Moreover, it is definitely unjust and mean for anyone to serve other than Me while I exist control and continue creation.”

Ibadah (servitude) does not include only worships of prayer, fasting or other spiritual directives – rather it is comprised of submission, obedience to Allah (the One God) and human actions and dealings in this world according to the will of Allah.

Allah also makes it very clear, “I am not in need of their servitude in the form of any sustenance for myself nor I require anyone to feed me. Actually to serve Me is ingrained in human nature and the oneself’s desires to worship and serve Me. So not to fulfill this duty is nothing else but to disobey their conscience.”

In verse number 57, there is a delicate pun.  All the ones who are serving others but not God because of being rebelled against Him, are actually themselves indigent of the worshipped ones. Contrary to this the worshipped ones are not the providers to the worshippers rather they are in need of provision and sustenance by the worshippers as being the agents of Allah (the One God).

These three attributes of Allah – Al Razzaq (The Provider), Zul-quwah (The Owner of Power) and Matin (The Most Firm) established the reality that Allah was, is and shall definitely exist, run and control the whole management of the Cosmos and the Creatures up till eternity.

55. Al-Walīy – The Protector

“Thus we revealed to you O Muhammad) a Quran in Arabic that you may warn the mother of cities (Makkah) and those around it and warn of the Day of Gathering about which there is no doubt. A party will be in Paradise and another party in the Blaze.”

“And if Allah willed, He could have made them of one religions, but He admits whom He wills (those who desire His guidance and the acceptance of them) in to his mercy.1And the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers) have neither a waliy (Protector) nor a helper.

“Or have they taken (for worship) awliya (guardians, supporters, helpers, protectors, providers, gods) besides Him? But Allah – He alone is the Wali (Allah, Provider, Protector). And it is He who gives life to the dead, and He is able to do all things.”

(Ash-Shurara, 42:7, 8, 9)

The passage (42:7-12) of the Quran is revealed by Allah for three objectives:

a – The first objective is to educate and console the Prophet to not be upset and frustrated because of the ego and ignorance of the Makkan unbelievers as well as their arrogance and insistence. It is the Will of Allah to bestow upon the humans the discretion and selection of their way of living in this world. Then whosoever desires divine guidance, shall get it and the one who likes to go astray is left engaged as he likes.

If Allah would not have this expediency there was no need for providing the Prophets and Scriptures. For this just a simple internal instinct was enough to instill in human nature all the humans would have surrendered just like the trees, soils and animals and the universe that perform total obedience to Allah.

b – The second objective is to criticise the humans in general who were confused and even now have the dilemma. If God in reality would have desired all the humans to follow the same kinds of faith and practices without having differences in their likings and disliking’s, then there was no need of revelations, Prophets and scriptures. Allah would have created everyone with single pinpointed thinking and actions to have no difference among the human beings. This is the wrong impression among persons to have total unity among all humans. This would make the whole wise plan and life system of Allah as such a monotonous world and life would become meaningless.

c – As the third objective Allah explains to mankind, through the Prophet, the intricacy of the hurdles and confusion that the believers come across while making efforts for the propagation of divine directives for ethical reformation.

The ones who do not comprehend the freedom of Allah – bestowed, determination and selection do not realise the reality of the differences in different ways and dealings of the people, become frustrated by the very slow progress in the efforts for character improvement in the public.

Some are those who expect the miracles and images of Allah to be shown to the unbelievers for change of their hearts and there are others also who expect to change by the extra ordinary reformers and leaders.

The verse (42:7) is the clarification of the confusion and dilemma among the people by Allah.

The real vicegerency of Allah in this world and His Paradise in the Hereafter are not ordinary bounties that should have been bestowed upon each human beings as a free gift. These two are the treasures that were not considered to be offered even to the angels. Hence Allah creating mankind as the free entity for self-free selection to enable himself or herself for high attainment.

Allah has put the condition that the one who offers himself/herself with determination is taking the right direction. Such person has to pledge Allah as his/her Wali and fully surrender to Him with sincere service and full devotion. Then Allah comes to help him/her and provides the grace to pass through the test required to undergo this servitude and obedience. But then for those who turn themselves away from Allah and makes others as their wali, Allah does not come to help rather ignores him/her to get indulged in the wrong paths. The others that have been selected as wali’s are only the ones who depend upon the one and only one God and consider themselves hopeless without God.

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