Ramadan Diary is a Kids Ramadan Engagement program that is currently being run at Bankstown Masjid by IFAM (Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims) team. 

The aim of this Program is to help kids plan their Ramadan with productive activities and to provide them a Platform where they can participate in different Islamic activities of their interest. The Program is also aimed to make the kids aware of the importance and benefits of Ramadan.

Ramadan Diary started at Bankstown Majid with a “Welcome to Ramadan for Kids”. Kids were invited to perform in activities such as Quran Recitation, Nasheed, Presentations, Speeches and Adhan Competitions.

Kids were given a Ramadan Diary in which they record their activities such as Fasting, Prayer, Reciting Quran, Helping their Parents etc during Ramadan.

Kids are not only given opportunity to participate in the Program but are also encouraged to conduct the Program themselves.

Ramadan Diary Program will continue throughout Ramadan every Saturday at Bankstown Masjid.