This year, Ramadan Diary was also run from Bankstown Masjid along with Campbelltown Masjid starting with “Welcome to Ramadan”. 

Youth were invited to perform in activities such as Quran Recitation, Nasheed, Presentations, Speeches and Adhan Competitions. They were given the Ramadan Diary in which they recorded their activities such as Fasting, Prayer, Reciting Quran, Helping their Parents etc during Ramadan. The Programme coordinator went on air with SBS radio to make community aware about the programme. More than 150 youth from both Masajid participated in the program.

This year Ramadan Diary Program had more resources and freedom to expand as Campbelltown Masjid has full multimedia facilities including digital projector to engage kids.

Last year for the first time, kids performed on SBS Radio and at the MEFF Festival in Fairfield Showground. Ramadan Diary facebook page and YouTube channel were also setup. Youth were given the opportunity to run the programme of their own under adult supervision.

Efforts to engage youth specially during the month of Ramadan started in South West of Sydney, eight years ago by a group of Muslims families from IFAM (Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims).

The aim of this Program was to help kids plan their Ramadan with productive activities and to provide them a platform where they can participate in different Islamic activities of their interest.

The program starts with a “Welcome to Ramadan” lecture where a Ramadan Diary was given to youth in order to record their activities like Salat, Saum, Quran recitation, homework, and other good deeds. They were asked to come on Saturday along with their filled in Ramadan Diary.

Ramadan Diary programme continued for the whole month of Ramadan and at Eid youth were awarded for their participation in Diary programme and weekly performances.

Campbelltown Masjid Ramadan Diary program concluded on Eid day with prize distribution followed by Eid breakfast and sweets. Bankstown Masjid Ramadan Diary prize distribution will be held later.

Here are the links for people who are more interested to know about the program.

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