A teacher teaches his students how to do a traditional Balinese dance



Natino (Blue) and Sudami (Pink) taught me how they punch holes in dried cow’s hide to design the Indonesian puppets. Such a sweet pair, they sang a song when we entered and were so warm.



“After a fashion show, a friend asked Dian if she was single and wants to meet a guy. Dian said she was interested, but only meeting at a social event in a friendly way. One week later, I decided I wanted to marry her. We’ve been married for four years. She was 19 when I was 30. Before we got married, we broke up for two weeks because our parents didnt like the idea of us being together. It was the hardest two weeks of my life”. (Jakarta)



One of the little girls who was learning to memorise the Quran. She must be around 6 or 7 mashallah and was reciting theQuran beautifully by heart, Hello Kitty bag and all



This is Tess, she’s 20 and works for the Australian Embassy as a graduate. She took us to the highest view of the Jakarta, at Skyebar.



Cika (chee-ka), she’s a second year Arts student. She designed this earring piece herself. It was the first thing that struck me when I met her, the way her ears bent along to the rigidness of the metal. I wondered what it felt like to wear such a thing on my ear. She’s got a sweet, bubbly personality – always with a smile. She would nervously laugh every time she spoke, embarrassed about her English. (Jakarta)




We found Angala playing in this warehouse by himself as we followed the sound of music. He was practicing his Led Zepplin. (Jakarta)