Haseeb Ahmed, a Muslim who is publicly urging people to unite against terrorism.

He published a short video condemning the Islamic State which has now gone viral.

Ahmed, 26, who described himself as a “proud British Muslim,” uploaded two-minute clip that was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook.

He implored extremists who are sympathetic to the Islamic State and who reside in the U.K. to leave the country.

“For those people who do support these attacks and do support these terrorists who are killing innocent people — you guys should all go pack your bags, go to Syria, and never be allowed to set foot in this country again,” he said. “This is a good country it gives a lot of people opportunity. If you’re not here to benefit the country, then pack your bags and get out.”

Ahmed — cousin of famed British boxer Amir Khan — also said that he believes that the Islamic faith is a religion of peace and that Islamic State members are not truly Muslims.

Scan the QR Code or visit youtu.be/EmgGG8CbsLI  to see the video.