Only a few days ago, I read a Facebook post by our friends at Islamic Relief Palestine that reminded me how easy it really is to forget how fortunate we are.

With some of us having so much to do in what seems like so little time, we sometimes find it difficult to take a moment to appreciate the things in our lives that we’re most thankful for like the people that make you smile, our homes, the food on our table, living in a country where we can execute our right to an education, our jobs and of course the generous supporters that make our life changing work possible.P16_IR Afghanlivelihood-abdulsattar

When you help Islamic Relief deliver aid to people in dire need of assistance, your contribution means more than you think it does.

So how significant is the difference that your contribution helps us to achieve? Let me share three stories with you


When Tahirun’s husband died, she and her children were kicked out of their home, forced to beg on the streets We trained Tahirun in farming, and now she has her own field of crops, along with several other women supported by Islamic Relief.

She can now work using the skills that she’s learnt to feed herself and others.P16 IR Tahirundignity-tahirun


In the poverty stricken areas of rural Mali, your contribution helped empower a group of women, allowing Islamic Relief to help them start a small business that now employs over 70 women and produces an ingredient that is now being imported by a cosmetics company in Paris!


Abdul Sattar lives in Afghanistan a country where millions of people don’t have enough food to eat or even earn an income.

Your contribution has given father of eight, Abdul Sattar, livelihood. Islamic Relief’s project provided Abdul Sattar and 6,000 other people with the necessary tools and agricultural training they needed to earn enough to provide a decent living to feed themselves and their families.

P16_IR Childhoodwhat-you'regivingfacebookSo you see, your contribution is not just another dollar or an hour or a minute. Your contribution is bringing joy to so many people around the world, people that are exactly like you and I, just living under different circumstances.

So trust me, your contribution is not just another dollar. Your continued support can impact every aspect of their life.