The Islamic Society of University of New South Wales this year organised a number of overseas Iftars during the month of Ramadan amongst diverse impoverished communities in Asia. 

This is one of the many innovative projects that ISOC organises for  the larger community beyond the campuses of the University life. In a systematic way ISOC partners with many other organisations for the collection of aid for disasters, building of mosques, establishment of scholarship within Australia as well as overseas.

The first overseas Iftar sponsored by ISOC was held on  2 July 2015 at Mahabbater Para, Bogra in Bangladesh attended by more than 300 people. People living in the area are very poor, having been displaced by natural disaster river erosion.

The second Iftar was held on 5 July at Bheramara, Kushtia again in Bangladesh attended by almost 200 people.

The third Iftar was held on 12 July at Maruthamunai, Kalmunai in Sri Lanka attended by a large number of of local people.

The fourth Iftar was held on 13 July at Meukek, Soth Acheh in Indonesia attended by around 230 men women and children.

The fifth iftar was on 12 July at Fasalabad, Pakistan attended by 300 people.

The incredible logistics of sponsoring, funds collection and transfers and hosting in such diverse areas was all voluntarily organised by ISOC and its local partners and has been very inspiring and encouraging. This has been an innovative program in caring for the Ummah and an example of not only thinking globally but also acting locally as well as globally.

In addition ISOC collected and distributed $5,500 this Ramadan Zakat-ul-Fitr in 11 countries, all with the help of local and overseas volunteers this avoiding any administration costs.