If I could fly

I would spread my wings so wide

I would fly so high up

one moment to have heavens touch 

One touch of pure desire

I would then close my eyes and fall gently as my wings catches the breeze

having the feeling of knowing heaven is all the bliss I need

I would then flap my wings and circle the world

see all of God’s beauty that has been foretold

I would be free, no anger or rage

Joy in my heart as I fly away from my cage

I would spread my wings and feel the air on my face

I would feel happy and grateful, full of grace 

For what are wings but running for those who cannot walk

sound and song for those who cannot talk

paintings and drawings for those who cannot see

Love for those with no family

God gave you wings to fly

Don’t waste them on your journey through life

For if I had your wings that I see

I would fly so high, you will no longer see me.