A fund raising dinner with the theme “The Silent Crisis” was held on Saturday 13 June at the Stars Palace Reception in Fairfield organised by the Australian Iraqi Muslim Society in partnership with Islamic Relief Australia.

The event raised almost half a million dollars to support the countless number of internal refugees in Iraq currently suffering at the hands of multiple violent groups and militias.

Businessmen, professions, individuals as well as representatives from a broad range of organisations and institution attended the dinner in force to show their support. Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, the Grand Mufti of Australia addressed the audience urging them to support this cause.

A number of Sheikhs, Imams, leaders of Muslim organisations and institutions including Human Appeal International, MCCA, National Imams Council, IFEW, MEFF and AMUST were represented at the event to show support from Sydney as well as from other cities including Melbourne and Adelaide.

A video graphically showing the plight and suffering on internally displaced Iraqi refugees particularly in the Ambar province as a result of violent conflict in the country brought tears to the eyes of those present.

Using the fundraising and auctioning skilful articulation Br Ahmed Awf and Dr Mohammad Al Naqeeb were able to raise more than $450,000 at the event.