The Modest Street Fashion series will capture the diversity of expression and style. This series explores Sydney’s emerging modest fashion market.


Delina, 30, designer/blogger/mother. Tutu and scarf by Delina, vest from Glasson, glasses are a market find and striped long sleeve shirt from chicabootie. I describe my style as unique and fun but it depends how I feel when I wake up in the morning.


Patrice, 21, Physiotherapy student. Jacket from hipster, scarf from urban culture and boots from payless. I go for an edgy style but it depends how I feel on the day. I can go monochrome but I mostly go for neutral colours.


Laylaa, 17, student. I like to wear a lot of indie clothes that are free flowing, I like it laced and I like monochrome because I feel most comfortable in it and it represents who I am, a free flowing person.