A ‘Boycott AFP Eid Dinners’ petition has reached over 840 signatures petitioning members of the Muslim community to boycott Eid Dinners hosted by the Australian Federal Police and has led to the cancellation of the Sydney Eid Dinner. 

An email was circulated by the AFP Community Liaison Committee, which includes: “With regard to an AFP Eid dinner for 2015, the AFP has consulted with community representatives and as a result has made the decision not to proceed with an event in Sydney this year.”

The petition committee from the Concerned Muslims Australia group have issued a press release with 6 reasons why this is a positive occurrence for the Muslim community.

Press Release

The AFP released a statement on the 10th July 2015 stating their decision to “not to proceed with an event in Sydney this year”.
This is a positive occurrence for the Muslim community for reasons listed but not limited to the below:

  • The Muslim community has demonstrated a raised awareness regarding the AFP’s attempts to rid themselves of their central role in the vilification of and the discrimination against the Muslim community.
  • The community has made abundantly clear to our leaders and representatives that such engagement is not acceptable to a large portion of the community they seek and claim to represent.
  • There is abundant strength in the unity of the Muslim community when it takes principled positions. This should be considered a demonstration of positive Muslim community intent and the potential that we have to get our concerns heard and acted upon.
  • The cancellation of this dinner has affirmed the sagacity of the community in its condemnation and clear denunciation of thinly veiled attempts by the government to legitimise their actions through implicit rubber stamping by Muslim community leaders and representatives.
  • We warmly thank and acknowledge those leaders and representatives who rejected the AFP’s invitation and who contributed towards the cancelation, and we sincerely hope that such stands may continue to be taken in future, with our community’s best interest at heart.
  • Immense gratitude must be shown to our dear Muslim community for its overwhelming support of this cause in a relatively short space of time. This spirit of solidarity and cooperation is to be celebrated and it should be a consistent feature in countering government policies that stoke fears and scapegoat Muslims, including dramatic raids, citizenship issues, anti-terror laws and more.

A blessed outcome has resulted from a blessed community in a blessed month. We pray that even further goodness and confidence grows from this successful campaign.

The Petition Committee.