1. Al-Ba’ith – The Resurrector

“O people, if you are in doubt about the Resurrection, then indeed, We created you (Adam) from dust, then from a Nutfa1 (mixed sperm-drops of male and female) (the offspring of Adam) , then from a clot (of thick coagulated blood), and then from a little lump of flesh, some formed and some unformed (as in miscarriage or aborted) as we may make clear to you ( to show Our Power or ability)2. And We settle, whom We will, to remain in the wombs for a specified term, then We bring you out as infants, and then give you growth so that you may reach your maturity. And among you there is who dies (young), and among you there is brought back to the miserable old age so that he knows nothing after (once) having knowledge3. And you see  the earth barren, but We send down upon it rain, it is stirred (to life) and it swells and grow in every lovely kind.

“That is because Allah is the Truth4 and because He gives life to the dead5 and because He is over all things competent6 .

“And surely, the Hour is coming, there is no doubt about it ;  and certainly Allah (being  resurrector7(49) will resurrect those who are in the graves8 ”       

                     (al- Hajj, 22; 5,6,7)


  1. The text depicts the conflict between the Message of the Quran and the Arab polytheists at Makkah about the existence of Allah as the Supreme Being. It was on the rights and power of Allah and about His directives. The polytheists did not accept the doctrine of “Divine Monism” and the “Life after Death”. Hence, this phrase reveals that every human being is created by One Allah from the elements that are provided from the earth.
  2. It is explicitly mentioned in the following verses of Al-Quran.

“(That is He 🙂  All-Knower of the unseen and the seen, the Almighty, the most Magnificent Who made everything He has created good and He began the creation  of Man from clay. Then He made his offsprings  from semen of despised water (male and female sexual discharge)”

(al- Anbiyah, 32; 6-8)


These verses intimate that Allah created the first human being as His divine creation. After that He provided the endurance of procreation to create human species through their nutfahs. It was the marvel that He created life with such wisdom through His order by the combination of the element of the earth that a peculiar wonderful human species came into existence. Moreover the second marvel of Allah is that He engrained a wonderful mechanism into every human individual that the intellect gets wonderstruck by its performance.


  1. It is the phenomenon of aging that after a while a human doesn’t have full consciousness of his/her whereabouts. The same person who helped other humans to develop intellect and wisdom became so degraded that even the children start laughing at his/her seemingly foolish behaviour.
  2. Leaving aside the whole cosmic system, if a person ponders over his birth he should realise the continuous ever-rendering real contrivance of Allah in the creation of every person. Whatever diet a person consumes neither contains any human seed nor any ingredient producing sexual passion. This diet after digested by body gets beautiful hair, flesh and bone and then at a particular phase in the body gets sperms that contain seeds of the human fetus.  The action of these seeds is so enormous that at any moment semen contains million of sperms each of which has the capacity of generating human life when combined with the egg of the opposite sex. But it is the Will of One Wise, Master and Sovereign, to select only one of the sperm to get combined with the female egg to commence pregnancy. This egg-cell is so small that can be seen only by a microscope; this abject egg cell, being nourished for about nine months, becomes a human being after passing through different stages.

If you ponder over all these stages, your intellect will pass the verdict that this is the achievement of the device of One Wise Being. It is only That One Who controls what kind of human is to be produced.  This process of creation and formation occurs in millions of women every day. The important thing is that no other person or being, other than One God, can create same person. Hence this observance provides to ponder that a sensible person starts believing that Allah is only such Truth.


  1. Another event, ‘Allah gives life to death’ can be proved through observed facts. People observe every day that the dead are born or brought out again. The bodies that die are transformed into different salts (calcium, iron, silicon), gases, energies which mix with existing elements and substances to bring another life by its combination. Thus non- living elements are transformed into living human by obtaining soul from God. Hence, phenomenon of death, life and death carries on throughout the world from the beginning till eternity.
  2. The comment that ‘Allah is over all things competent’ can be easily proven by looking over the whole cosmos. Just above us we see the magnificent sky over our earth consisting of planets of different sizes moving around in different manners without clashing with each other. All this exact movement without disturbing any other existence, function so mathematically, minutely and scientifically that can be controlled and managed only by one Supreme Being – Allah/ God.

7 & 8.         The hour of resurrection has to come or ‘ Allah will resurrect those who are in the graves’ is the rational outcome of all the facts explained in points 4, 5 and 6 above. If a person observes the performance of One God, the Creator and Controller through His manifestations in the Universe, his conscience would accept that whatever Allah wants to establish, it occurs. Whether He decides to enliven the death or to make something vanish, His order is carried out. So, the phenomena of life and death is fully in the control of Allah, the Creator and Controller.


Now, let us take another reality. The reward of good deeds and thoughts and the punishments of bad deeds and thoughts are neither performed in this worldly life. Hence, logic demands that after the life in this world, the day of Resurrection/ Accounting has been arranged by Allah to make all humans accountable for their thoughts and actions in this world. Hence the hour of Resurrection will be performed by the Resurrector, Allah (God) definitely.


  1. Al- Shahid – The Witness

“He is the One Who Has sent His Messenger with guidance and the divine doctrine1 , so that He exhibits all of its manifestations2 . And All-Sufficient is Allah as the Witness (50)”

(al-Fath, 48:28)


  1. The Arabic word ‘din’ translated as the ‘divine doctrine’ is expressed in the explanatory notes nos. 2,3 & 4 of the attribute no. 46 of Allah in AMUST no.44 of May 2015.

Hence it has been expressed as the witness of Allah and the time of preparation of the Treaty of Hudaibiyah culminating to victory of the prophet Muhammad (s) Allah consoles the annoyed followers of the prophet on the objection for writing the word prophet of Allah with Muhammad (s) that they should not worry as Allah Himself is the witness of the prophethood of Muhammad

  1. It means that Muhammad (s) is not the founder of any divine doctrine. Hence this means that the divine doctrine revealed as Al-Quran through the last messenger is not a new divine religion. Allah has revealed one and only one divine doctrine that has been sent to the human beings in different localities and different times and it is the same one that Muhammad (s) is presenting before you just now. He is reaching out and trying his best to invite you all to believe and implement all its clauses sincerely with dedication.


Continued in AMUST issue #116 July