Islamophobia Watch Australia is a not-for-profit organisation to address the issue of Islamophobia by having a smartphone app.  

Muslim Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the rising anti-Muslim sentiments within the wider community. Muslims are increasingly becoming the victims of Islamophobia and discrimination in public spaces, workplaces, physical and verbal attacks, vandalism to mosques, homes and other private property.

Islamophobia Watch consulted widely with members of the community, media and organisations and found that the rise of Islamophobia is increasing on several fronts. Their consultation also highlighted that many incidents of Islamophobia went unreported and in a few cases reported incidents were not acted upon by the authorities. This highlights a need to create alternative but accessible methods of reporting. To solve the issue of under-reporting, Islamophobia Watch want incidents to be reported quickly and with enough details to provide them with the support they need.

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The Islamophobia Watch App is an efficient and accessible way to encourage reporting incidents as they occur. The Islamophobia Watch App will work along with the Islamophobia Map. Online reporting and mapping technologies can be used as empowerment and complementary tools to support the Muslim community and organisations. The primary focus on the Islamophobia Watch App is to record and report incidents of any nature.

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Islamophobia Watch Australia will provide a case referral management service to address potential psychological and legal issues that may arise from an attack.

In working with victims, they would ensure that they receive appropriate services to address their trauma through our network of counsellors and legal networks with partners such as Atlas legal firm & Psych central and many more to be announced insh’allah.

You can help! Post their crowdfunding page ( on your social media, email to your networks and making sincere dua for their cause.

Like the Islamophobia Watch Australia Facebook Page. If you’d like to donate, they have great gifts for those who donate on their crowdfunding page.

IWA’s team are passionate about helping and empowering our community and to assist victims of Islamophobic attacks in the Muslim community. Board members are: Ahmed Abou-zaid, Heba Ibrahim, Shayer Islam (Melbourne), Nasser AlKhateeb, Mobinah Ahmad & Souha Alameddine (Sydney).