Once Upon a Kitchen is a food directed Instagram account and more recently a Facebook group for the sharing of recipes, stories and connecting with likeminded foodies in the community.

OnceUponAKitchen6Nisren and Mariam Metwally are the sister duo behind the name who launched the Instagram page almost a year ago as an outlet to share of their kitchen creations and passion for homemade food.

Once Upon a Kitchen stands out from the masses of food accounts on social media as a result of the sisters’ cultural fusion.
This fusion is represented in their food, coming from an Egyptian background and growing up in an Australian society.

Starting off, it was just a platform to share yummy eats, without a philosophy per se, but it evolved to encourage the notion that healthy eating can in fact be delicious, attainable, and that the occasional treat is more than okay.

The page places an emphasis on encouraging members to cook or create a meal, and views cooking as a skill that everyone should master, regardless of age, gender or skill level.

OnceUponAKitchen4Once Upon a Kitchen has gained a reputation of having healthy (most of the time) homemade food, recipes, creativity, food photography and styling.

Once Upon a Kitchen has gained success over the past year, with a following base of over 2000 on Instagram.

In the short time that the Facebook group has been running, gathered over 500 members that heavily engage in posting pictures and sharing recipies.

The sisters did not anticipate that the page would gather this growing and diverse following base, both nationally and internationally.

OnceUponAKitchen5Nisren and Mariam are approachable and down to earth, always more than happy to answer questions and connect with fellow foodies.

Once Upon a Kitchen is open to all and attracts an audience from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.
Essentially anyone from the novice to the seasoned cook are welcome to follow and join Once Upon a Kitchen.

Both sisters had their own private Instagram accounts where they often shared pictures of the same meals they created and ate together.

OnceUponAKitchen8Friends and family encouraged and supported the idea of creating a shared account dedicated to food and in doing so.

This spared the followers on their private Instagram who were not so enthusiastic about their Instagram feed being flooded with tahini-drizzled-on-everything type of meals and smoothies with long lists of ingredients in the foreign language of ‘superfood’.
Rest assure, they have moved on from the ‘superfood’ phase and have taken a more balanced, fad-free (and evidence-based) approach to eating.


Nisren and Mariam have affectionately called their Sourdough dough with the name ‘Fred’ and have made some beautifully baked fresh bread.

To keep up with Once Upon a Kitchen, you can follow their Instagram page @onceuponakitchen and join their Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/onceuponakitchen/