Islamic Councils across Australia have strongly rejected the government proposal to revoke Australian citizenship for those suspected of carrying out a terrorist act.

Islamic Council of Victoria president Ghaith Krayem said, “If our purpose is to prevent terrorism then this isn’t the solution. Stripping people who are suspected of committing such acts will in no way stop the acts from occurring.”

Citizenship is a basic right for all people globally; to remove it from an individual is a decision not to be taken lightly. To do so based on mere suspicion and as a punishment is contrary to the most basic principles underlying our legal system. A key platform of the Government’s strategy has been to cancel passports of those under suspicion, under the premise that

Australia has an obligation to not allow its citizens to travel overseas who may then pose a security risk to other nations. This move seems to be a complete reversal of such a position.

Islamic Councils believe that in the interest of national security, we should use the full powers of the courts to prosecute anyone who has committed an act of terrorism and if the courts deem it necessary, protect the nation through our judicial system.

“A further erosion of basic human rights is not the answer to solving this issue. Such a move takes us down a very slippery road and every Australian should be concerned about this announcement,” Mr Krayem said.