Books have always been apart of my life; growing up, reading was my refuge from the insecurities, the bullying, the hardships that life inevitably throws at you. 

That’s why it was only natural that when my 5 childhood friends (also self-confessed book nerds!) and I got together in search of a way to give back to the community, it had to involve books! 

This stemmed from one single belief: everyone should have the opportunity to fall in love with a good book, just as we were lucky enough to. Unfortunately, many in Australia are denied this opportunity.

The refugee community in particular risks losing access to critical literacy programs run by refugee support groups. These programs, which have helped thousands of refugees make the successful transition to Australian society, will disappear in the face of huge funding cuts.

These literacy programs run by well-respected refugee support groups and foundations in Australia have helped change the lives of countless refugees for the better.ReBooks Logo
Sustainable initiatives such as ReBOOKs are vital in keeping these programs running, so that no refugee falls through the cracks.

We want to help ensure the best future possible for Australian refugees, so they can in turn participate in and contribute to the wider community.

On World Refugee Day, refugees fleeing war zones and areas of natural disasters to the safer land of ‘Oz’ were offered an additional lifeline from ReBOOKs – a new organisation founded by a group of six childhood friends.

This is why ReBOOKS was born – it is a unique online bookstore, where 100% of profits from selling e-books go towards funding these existing literacy programs run by our partners, established organisations like the Asylum Seeker Centre.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) figures show that the majority of refugees, and the worst affected, are women and children.

A quarter of refugees who come to Australia have very poor literacy skills, which makes it very difficult for them to participate in all aspects of Australian society.

We must keep these essential services running for the many refugees and asylum seekers, mostly women and children, coming to Australia in search of a new life.

We have just launched our Crowdfunding Campaign – and we are calling on the community to help us reach our goal of $20,000 so that we can develop the online platform!


In the spirit of giving this holy month, please support ReBOOKS, and help change a refugee’s life forever. To make donations, no matter how small, or for more information, visit our crowdfunding page here:

Sara Saleh is the co-founder of ReBooks, contact: [email protected].