A star falls across the sky,

A man of the desert sighs, ‘It is my heart.’ 

Over darkened Spinifex to Baiami, he chants his joy, 

For his spirit place among the stars,

As star spirits leap and dance on the surface of Blackwater Creek,

So in the brilliance above him, tonight his spirit is dancing.

This man is Djuringa touched, 

He will walk on in his Dreaming,

As the Eastern fringe of the sky grows pale and the stars fade.

Note: Djuringa is and Aranda word meaning all that is sacred.

The indigenous people believe we are all part of an Eternal Dreaming. Baiamai was believed to be the great God and creator of all things.

This poem is about paying respect to the Indigenous people of Australia because of the present discussion in government about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and the Constitution.

At the federal level, there is now bipartisan support for amending the Australian Constitution in this regard has been maintained since 2007.

Bipartisan support was reaffirmed by both major parties as election commitments in the federal election held in August 2010.

The Indigenous people of Australia lived in Australia for about sixty thousand years in harmony with nature.