It is certain that the redneck fundamentalists and swastika tattoo brigade
 will get a good hearing from sponsor of Geert Wilders failed trip to Oz,
 Senator Bernardi and his mates.

Hopefully it will be able to clear up the 
bovine detritus surrounding halal certification in Australia.

News of this moronic bigotry will not go down well in the Muslim world and 
many individuals, apart from their governments, will decide not to select
 Australian offerings in their shops.

Our past Aryan White Australia Policy
 has not been forgotten, our genocide of the First Nation peoples has been
noticed and Brazil, with its multicultural multiracial society is our major
competitor for the halal meat market with 1.6 billion Muslims.

Even Tony 
Abbott should be able to work that out.

The Raj is dead. Wake up white supremacists!

Bilal Cleland