The AMUST June 2015 issue # 115 completes one full year of its publication that started with the July 2014 issue # 104 in a new format from Ramadan last year to Ramadan this year.

We thank Allah who enabled us to take the initiative, gave us the skills and the ability to take up the challenge and provided the facilities to start the project and continue it with consistency and punctuality.

We feel proud in that we have produced 12 print editions of AMUST on time in full colour with high quality original articles written for AMUST by local writers adorned by appropriate images including photos and graphics making it a user friendly publication for all.

The print editions have been supplemented by on-line pdf editions of the newspaper, a frequently updated website and a periodical newsletter emailed to thousands of people in Australia and overseas.

The small core team that puts together various version of AMUST has been voluntarily working constantly with dedication, putting their heart and mind into the project in order to make it successful.

We wish to thank our printers, newsagent distributers, hand distributers and volunteers who help us in packing and posting the newspaper to subscribers.

We have now built up a great team of writers within Australia as well as from overseas, young and not so young, who voluntarily provide us with great write ups on a broad range of subjects that generates interest in AMUST for its diverse readership.

AMUST is not necessarily for Muslims, of Muslims and by Muslims, but for all. Our columnists come from a wide rage of ages, religious and ethnic backgrounds, both males and females and with diverse skills of writing.

Similarly our readership and subscribers belong to Muslims as well as people of other faiths and no faith. They all find reading AMUST a pleasure.

AMUST has provided us the means to build up a network with people from a variety of religious communities, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh communities as well as people of different ethnicities in order to appreciate each other and live in harmony as an Australian Multicultural community.

We have specially partnered with Aboriginal community members highlighting their issues and seeking justice for them as well as safeguarding their cultural heritage.

We have made an effort to liaise with government, police and aid agencies, businesses, community organisations and mosques in order to promote harmony and peace in the society.

AMUST has proved to be a vehicle of positive thinking and hopes to continue on the same path in future, continually improving itself and bringing people together through positive communication using multimedia.

AMUST further wishes to fill the communication gap with positive news amongst the general Australian population and specifically in the Muslim community.

Different sections of the Muslim community are doing a tremendous amount of positive work but due to lack of communication, one group does not know of the activities of others.

Flow of information, transparency, publicity and putting knowledge in the public domain stops rumour mongering, misunderstanding and conflict.

Let the whole world know what good you are doing and AMUST is here to help you.

Z I Ahmad