World Orphan Fund, a humanitarian aid Non-Government Organisation has reached their goal to feed 1 million people in Cambodia during Ramadan. Their ‘Feed8People for $70’ campaign was highly successful and received a great response and support from the community. 

WOF IftarWith the support and assistance through donations worldwide, World Orphan Fund were able to achieve our goal of feeding over 1 million meals within Cambodia, with the best quality food.

Over the past 4 years, World Orphan Fund has supported locals through Ramadan food packs, emergency relief, and orphan sponsorships.

The Feed8people campaign was initiated on the basis of spiritual and physical attributes of Ramadan. The Ramadan food packs include local essentials such as rice, oil, milk, soap, dishwashing liquid, and fresh produce.


The purpose of this initiative is to provide vulnerable Muslim families within Cambodia, with basic food and hygiene necessities to assist them during this holy month and fulfill its criteria.

The primary challenge faced were to actually find the genuine poor people. There are a lot of people in need, but they still have a small means day to day to survive. Then there are those who can not work or provide for them self.  This is where the expertise of World Orphan Fund comes in.  They travel every village and have a detailed report and understanding of the areas they work in.


The World Orphan Fund focuses on implementing a 100% donation policy, by adopting a zero percent administration fee with the consistent effort and commitment of our dedicated volunteers. World Orphan Fund’s vision is to provide the disadvantaged locals with the opportunity to gain access to basic human needs, such as food, education and long term sustainability infrastructure.
WOF3World Orphan fund will continue to strive for sustainable development, equipping the locals to combat their situation through empowerment, strategic planning, and positive change. They do more than just humanitarian work, they own farm tractors, and harvesting machines for corn and rice. They also offer a high IQ program for orphans (with IQs over 138).

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