Aman Palestine Roadshow, Australia New Zealand 2015 commenced with the inaugural event held in Sydney on Saturday 25 April at the University of NSW with the theme “Ummah in my heart”.

First established in 2004 in Malaysia, Aman Palestine, meaning Peace in Palestine is an initiative to create the awareness of the plight of Palestinian people and care for Palestinian families by raising funds and its appropriate distribution to those who deserve help.

This year the roadshow is being organized in eight cities in the region, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Wellington, Dunedin and Auckland.

The Sydney event consists of two parts: exhibition, fundraising, sales, speeches and discussion held on Saturday 25 April. The second part, a charity run followed by a barbecue will be held on Sat 2 May at the Centennial Park.

Three speakers of Palestinian origins spoke at the event including Dr Walid Hashem, academic from Ballarat University, Mr Talat Oazaz from UNSW and Mr Imad Alkilani from the University of Sydney giving their unique narratives on the issue of Palestine followed by a panel discussion.

Speaker’s panel at Aman Palestine Roadshow in Sydney on 25 April.

Speaker’s panel at Aman Palestine Roadshow in Sydney on 25 April.

Dr Walid Hashem talked on why the Palestinian issue is a concern for the whole of the Muslim Ummah, highlighted the hardships being faced by the Palestinian people and how the members of the Ummah could provide help individually and collectively.

Arif Jamil, Head of the NSW chapter commented “I hope this is not the first and last time that we could collaborate together with the local Muslim society especially Palestinian people as we all know that Palestine is an Ummah issues. Everyone should take this opportunity to participate and help out our brothers and sisters at the other side of the world to ensure this holy land of Muslims will be set free from those who occupy it, InshaAllah”.

The Chairman of Aman Palestine Australia said ““Alhamdulillah, the Aman Palestine Roadshow 2015 for Sydney and Brisbane chapters went well. We are looking forward for a positive response from the next chapter that will be happening in Hobart, Melbourne and Adelaide this 9th and 10th May 2015. May Allah ease everything inshaAllah. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had participated and contributed. May Allah bless the efforts and time that they spent for this event to raise the awareness of issues about our ummah. InshaAllah, we as Muslims no matter from which country or status will always support our brothers and sisters out there, not only Palestinians, in every possible way that we can.”

The Aman Palestine Australia Roadshow (APAR) 2015 jointly organized by Aman Palestine Australia and ISMA Australia, supported by Education Malaysia Australia as well as The Islamic Society of NSW (ISOC). The Sydney roadshow is also a collaboration with a number of clubs and societies namely the Kelab UMNO New South Wales (KUANSW), Persatuan Pelajar-Pelajar Muda Sydney (PPMS), ifitness Australia (an initiative of ISMA Australia), Malaysian Postgraduate Students’ Association (MYPSA), Malaysian Hall Residents Club (MHRC) and Dapur Cinone Sydney.