Omar is a special needs child. His mother, Ida Haddara has appealed to the community to help and raise funds for a wheelchair van which costs $60, 000.

Omar was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegia and Cerebral Palsy at birth, also suffers from vision impairment, intellectual disability, chronic lung disease and is oxygen dependent. He is a tall boy and weighs 26 kg’s and continues to grow making his care needs increasingly harder for his mother to manage.

A wheelchair accessible vehicle will enable Omar to be safely supported whilst travelling and will also enable him to attend medical appointments, give him greater access to the community and to prevent social isolation.

His mother Ida said “I have suffered significant trauma over the past year, having to face the possibility that Omar’s condition has the potential to deteriorate quite quickly and without warning. I do my best with balancing the needs of my other children against the extremely high needs of Omar’s.

Omar is a joyful boy, he smiles and giggles all the time, even when he becomes ill. He loves watching cartoons, interaction from his siblings, racing in his gravity chair, being read to, painting (with help) and being pushed in the disability swing. Omar has filled our house with love and happiness. Unfortunately he has been unable to attend school regularly due to the fragility of his health and attendance outside the home remains limited. Transporting Omar in a Taxi presents significant risk due to his low immunity.”

The Prophet peace be upon him said: “Whoever relieves a believer of distress in this world, Allah will relieve him of some of the distress of the day of Judgement. Whoever makes things easy for those who are in difficulty, Allah will make things easy for him in this world and in the next.”

To read more of Omars heart touching story and make a pledge, Go to So far, $15, 000 has been raised, however another $45,000 is needed. This online fundraiser will end on 27 of April. Any donation will be greatly appreciated by this family. Please donate and share to encourage others. Every dollar counts.


Donate Commonwealth bank, Omar Haddara, Bsb: 06-3994, Acc:1005159