P6IFAM-logoIslamic Forum for Australian Muslims IFAM organized a two days Youth Camp 2015 (boys) from Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 April at Scout Camp, Mount Kiera Wollongong.

A selected group of youth from senior high school as well as universities attended the camp from different parts of the Sydney.

The focus of the youth camp was to build teamwork, enhance communication skills and develop leadership and organisation skills among the participants.

Along with learning basics of Islam and its practical aspects including debates, qiraat and group discussions, there were other extracurricular activities including Tug of war, cricket, soccer, bone fire.

A variety of different traditional foods were served and a BBQ on the second day of the camp was held.

The camp concluded with planning and setting targets for the next one year for all attendees.

Javed Khair is the Assistant Secretary General of IFAM.