P12EugeniaArticleFor my sisters and I it is our 6th Mother’s Day without our dear mother. Mother’s Day used to make me really angry – I begrudged those who were still able to celebrate with their mums – but right now, all it does is make me really teary.

I really feel like Mother’s Day is held up in society as a day of celebrating mums as the ultimate in womanhood and femininity. But for so many it can be a source of tension, those who don’t have mothers, only dads or no parents at all. Those whose mums have passed on like me. Those who are separated from their mothers or their children like those in jail or detention, or separated by roads, seas, conflicts and borders. Those who are adoptees and may have a different sense of what a mother is. And especially those women who aren’t able to experience motherhood and would really like to.

We really should be celebrating all kinds of versions of motherhood and also what it means for the child to have a mother, whatever that looks like for them whether it is typical or not. For me right now Mother’s Day is all about my friends and family who want to be mothers, but are for whatever reason unable. Today, you have all my love <3

Originally posted on Eugenia Flynn’s blog ‘Black Thoughts Live Here‘ in May 2013