Australia won the ICC World Cup by comprehensively beating New Zealand at the final match at the MCG last Sunday. This is the fifth time Australia has won the World Cup and has cemented its position as the premier cricket nation.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been a highly successful record breaking event with two double-centuries, seven scores in excess of 150 and 38 centuries and 28 four-wicket hauls, including two hat-tricks.

Broadcast by 44 media organisations, in seven languages across 220 countries, the India versus Pakistan group match drew an approximate television audience of more than 288 million in India alone, while the Australia versus England match was watched by 2.1 million people in Australia. Those following the tournament on new media, the website attracted 26.25 million unique visitors accumulating an incredible 227 million page views.

I made a pilgrimage to Adelaide to watch the highly charged up match between India and Pakistan during the preliminaries. But for me the most emotional moment was not watching Pakistan losing to India from the stands; instead the Phil Hughes memorial plaque took me on that bright afternoon on an emotional journey.

“I have been called in again, now is the time to avail my chance – aah! This is a short one, lets play one of my signature shots. Bang!!! Why can’t I stand on my feet, …”

Was that all going through Phil’s mind? Take a moment from your life, close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine what was going through Phil’s mind in last few seconds of his consciousness when he was hit by the ball under his ear. You might get chills through your spine.

Phil HughesDeath of Phil Hughes have struck me the most amongst the incidents I have encountered in recent history around the globe. I was in shock even after the week of his final burial ceremony, like most of cricket lovers.

This incident actually took me to a zone where I was forced to think the priceless question WHY – Why was I born? What is the purpose of my life? What am I doing here? What is everyone in my surroundings doing? Why, why and why?

Phil was young, super fit, famous, rich and on top of that was loved by his family, friends and fans, one of the most eligible bachelors if not in the world but surely in the country. He had dreams, his family’s dreams, his plans for himself, selector’s plans for him and then all it took was a fraction of a second to end this all – dreams, relationships, money, struggle and hopes for a brighter future. I don’t even have the courage to think or imagine what Phil’s family went through when they saw him getting hit; the pain they went through.

All the emotions aside , being a young professional, sportsman, with a young family, future plans, dreams and hopes – I started to think how I have lead my life so far and how I am going to lead it now. Working hard for money, name, respect, fame, house, kids, car, spouse etc… and my hard thinking cleared some clouds and myself being a Muslim I started to believe that myself and my life is nothing if it is not for Allah and if it is not for how Allah wants us to live. This is my purpose of life.

Hasan Fazeel is a Sydney based IT professional and cricketer.