P10AwqafAustraliaLogoThe Asia Pacific Awqaf (Islamic Endowment) Congress will be held in Sydney from 15 to 17 April 2015 attended by delegates from overseas as well as other states in Australia.

The Congress is being organized and hosted by Awqaf Australia and the University of Sydney Law School.

A two day Asia Pacific Awqaf Development Training Symposium will be held from Wednesday 15 to 16 April at the Law School, The university of Sydney while a Community Day event will be held at the LMA Building, Wangee Rd, Lakemba in collaboration with Lebanese Muslim Association.

The Symposium presenters include Devina Levy from Cambridge Muslim College, Dr Wasif Shehzad, Indus Hospital, Pakistan, Zeinul Cajee, Awqaf South Africa, Prof Adi Setia CASIS, UTM, Malaysia, Dr Hisham Dafterdar Awqaf Australia and Dr Mohamed Abdullah from Griffith University, Queensland.

A number of universities, awqaf agencies and health institutions from the Asia Pacific region will be sending delegates to the Congress.

The Congress is sponsored by Government of Dubai, Muslim Aid Australia, Lebanise Muslim Association, Islamic Council of NSW, Religion of Peace (Australia), NSW Muslim Guild and Basmala AUS.

For further information and registration for the congress visit: http://apawqaf.eventbrite.com.au; Email: [email protected]