37. Al-Kabīr – The Sublime

“And whoever responds (to injustice) with the equivalent of that with which he was harmed and then tyrannised – Allah will surely aid him, Indeed Allah is Pardoning and Forgiving.1

That is because2 Allah causes the night to enter the day and causes the day to enter the night and because Allah is Hearing and Seeing3.

This is because Allah is the Truth, and that which they call upon other than Him is falsehood, and because Allah is the most High, the Sublime (37)4”   

                                (Al-Hajj, 22:60, 61, 62)


This verse contains two connotations:

the killing and punishment against tyranny allowed by Allah though it is itself undesirable;

Allah, to whom you have totally submitted, is the Pardoner and Forgiver for the mistakes done by the humans.


Hence you should also be soft in punishing the culprits as well. The believers should be large hearted, soft and patience-bearing. They can punish the culprits but never get themselves indulged with the spirit of vengeance and hatred.


Allah prefers all such acts of bringing punishment upon the tyrant traitors, bestowing rewards upon the righteous believers, helping the oppressed persons and taking the side of the believers against the tyrants because of their good attributes.

Allah is the Sovereign over all the universe. The nights and days are always in His control and supervision. This obvious material manifestations of nights and days also indicate the hidden secrets of Allah. The same Allah is also capable of emerging the night of the day from the darkness of night and covers the darkness of night over the bright day. Hence Allah is also capable of the setting down of the shining sun of any human dominance drawn to the end of humanity. History has proved the rise and fall of nations by Allah. The jahilliy world system has been changed into the peace and prosperity world system in the past and therefore the present period of chaos and tribulations can also to be changed into peace and harmony among all the human beings in the world. Allah is all-Hearing and all-Seeing. He is neither deaf nor blind.

The Rabb (The Sustainer) may have His devoted servants apparently divided in different religions and ideas but they can be considered by Allah to be united for living and respecting each other by changing their hearts, minds and souls.


38 – Al-Hafiz – The Protector

“Indeed I have relied upon Allah, my Rabb and your Rabb. There is no creature but that He holds it’s forelocks (contracts it). Indeed, my Rabb is on a path (that is) straight.1 So if they turn away, (say), ‘I have already conveyed with which I was sent to you. My Rabb will give succession to a people other than you, and you will not harm Him at all. Indeed, my Rabb is over all things is the Protector (38)2’ ”

(Hud, 11:56-57)


It emphasises that Allah my Sustainer and Care Taker, performs every action and deals every matter just matter correctly. There is no underhand crossed way in His domains. He is controlling the whole universe with justice and honesty. Hence how does it become possible that you become astray and perverted and still get on having success on one hand. And on the other hand I remain true and obedient to His orders and live at a loss in this world.

The second verse number 57 is starting with ‘say’ is the indirect answer of the prophethood in negation to the blasphemy of his people to go on being other partners to Allah. The Prophet Hud straightforwardly condemns the polytheist mentality of the people in the end of verse 54 and number 55. On the basis of that way of Allah presented in verse 55, Hud declares his assurance that Allah shall definitely take care of Hud and keep him safe from the people.


39 – Al-Muqit – The Recompenser

40 – Al-Haseeb – The Reckoner

“Whoever intercedes for a good cause will have a share (reward) therefrom and whoever1 intercedes an evil cause will have a portion alternative there from. And ever is Allah overall things the Recompense (39). And when you are granted with a grant2 (in return) with one better than the previous. Indeed Allah is even over all things, the Reckoner2 (40). Allah; there is no deity except Him. He will surely assemble you for an (account on) the Day of Resurrection, about which there is no doubt. And who is more truthful than Allah in statement3.

(An-Nisa, 4:85)

The type of recompense of a person receives on the day of resurrection is dependent on their actions in this life. The one who strived to call people to the way selected by Allah and acted righteously according to Allah’s directives will receive a positive recompense while the one who engaged in creating misunderstanding amongst the people about Allah and continued to divert the people to keep away from the directions of Allah will be of deserving the punishment.

When these verses were revealed, the relation between believers and non-believers were tense. Hence the believers are advised by Allah at this time to have a lot of patience and bear the sufferings. So not only the believers but every person should seek to be noble and humble to soften our hearts towards one another.

In the last verse Allah is making very clear to the non-believers that Allah shall declare to all the humans on the day of resurrection, the recompense of their deeds in the next life. Hence the non-believers are reminded that they have to believe in the verdict and message of Allah through the Prophet as Allah can never declare anything wrong or untrue. Allah has given the benefit of clarity to them to follow the right or wrong for which he has very clearly explained to the non-believers through his message, Al-Quran.


41 – Al Jalil (Zul-Jalal) – The Owner of Majesty

42 – Al Karim (Zul Ikram) – The Owner of Glory. 

“Which of the favour of your Rabb will you deny? Everyone upon it (the earth) is doomed to perish while there will remain the Face1 of your Rabb, Owner of Majesty and Honour (40-41). So which of the favours of your Rabb would you deny? Everyone in the Heavens and the Earth with the humans question him everyday. He manifest Himself in a new state2. So which of the favours of your Rabb would you deny?”

(Ar Rahman 55:25-30)

“So which of the favours3 of your Rabb will you deny? Blessed be your Rabb’s name, full of Glory and Majesty.”

(Ar Rahman 55: 77-78)


In the verses 55:25-30, both the Jinns and humans have been reminded about the two following realities:

Firstly, neither you nor the all bounties and supplies in the universe which you are using for your benefit are permanent. The unperishable and the universal is then only the Owner of Majesty and Superior Most for which the whole universe is evidence. There are some who have received some benefits and favours through His Benevolence and these has turned them haughty and proud through the illusion of ownership.

Secondly, two species have been admonished to not include other beings as deities or partners to Allah as the source of this sustenance. Those beings are themselves helpless and in need of necessary provisions for survival. So how can they be of any use to you.

At every moment, the unlimited occurrence of Allah’s creative process of creation is very pertinent and he is creating continuously new and unique objects and the whole universe is changing in different ways and situations. The Benevolent Creator brings with existence different forms and styles of their occurrence in the universe quite different than the past.

Hence the word ‘favours’ is used for extraordinary achievements of the people. Whenever one gets deceived by considering oneself superior and becomes associated with his false ‘godness’ as the permanent one, then he/she, if not verbally then at least by performance, considers himself better than Allah, the Owner of Majesty of the Rabbul-Alamin (The Sustainer of the worlds).


Continued in AMUST issue #113 April