ISOC_O-Week Activity PosterLike many other universities throughout Australia O-Week at the University of NSW was held last week from Monday 23 to Friday 27 February.

The O-Week is an annual event where all society and clubs at UNSW have the chance to open a stall to promote their activity to new and returning students of UNSW. The O-Week has been known by students as the liveliest week in UNSW where new friendship and freebies are up for grab.

The Islamic Society of NSW stall act as the hub for information to new students, staff as well as their visiting families. It provides information regarding Musallah and Juma prayer, Chaplain’s message regarding ISOC that address ISOC vision to facilitate student life at the campus, how to live as Muslims in Australia, upcoming ISOC activities, and information on Islam to people of all faiths and no faith.

In addition this year students were offered discount vouchers and 8GB usb for those who took pictures of ISOC stall and uploaded it to facebook group Islamic Society of UNSW with #ISOC2015.

ISOC has gained more than 200 new member from UNSW O-Week 2015. Majority of the new member are new students with few second year student and some staff including five non-muslim members who were interested to know more about Islam and Muslims.

ISOC conducted some social functions throughout the week. These included a Morning Tea Session on Monday, Arab Lunch on Tuesday, Sister’s Catching Up Session at Passionflower on Wednesday, Prize Giving Ceremony for Photography Competition and Turkish Lunch on Thursday and last but not least, Pizza Trivia Night on Friday.

All of these events were open to all, aimed to get people together and to know more about ISOC. Throughout the week, a huge number of participation from eager new and existing students.

Halal Hunt was held on the 1 March that provided information and location of Halal restaurants in Sydney specially in area like Broadway, Chinatown, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and in Manly.

The ISOC pizza and trivia night was a very successful ISOC event during the O-Week. This event attracted more than 50 people. During the trivia competition, the participant were divided into group of 5 with 5 set of challenging trivia questions categorized into sport, general knowledge, Islamic knowledge, Australian Geography, and Guess the Logo.

The winner of the trivia competition was a group of 3 friends from Malaysia, Marwan, Farhan, and Mohammad who joined forces with Mohammad Arafat Mahmud, a PhD student and Hammad Abid, a Masters student in Petroleum Engineering who were awarded the $250 prize.

The pizza dinner was joined by a group of Catholic Club members as well.