Too many times we tend to look at negatives instead of positives. It would be far easier to cope with the issues not to our liking if we see the positive side.

I came to this country at the age of 15, 64 years ago – I went to night school for two years to learn English, which enabled me to get a better job. After the 2 years I went back to night school to matriculate.

I strongly believe we need to ask ourselves where we would rather live? After speaking to visitors and Australians travelling overseas a lot– I believe this is the place to be.

Most people have some grievances, me included, but when I take a step back – they are not unsurmountable – just need to find solutions. Some are not always achievable, but with patience and perseverance the prospects, except for non-curable sicknesses are mostly gettable .

Let’s now look at another option – not being happy, frustrated, angry, starting the blame game – leading to lashing out – resentment and conflict. Some people, instead of taking some responsibility, start to vilify others and battle lines are drawn.

Looking outside Australia makes us realise how lucky we are, not to living in Africa, the Middle East, parts of Europe or South America.

So should we complain or go forward leaving the past behind and build a safer future for our families?

Our organisation is dedicated to confront prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping, be it for colour race or religion in a pro-active way. We are now celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Harmony Poster competition for school students in NSW. Last year we had over 4800 entries. 3 years ago we also introduced the Harmony Day Song Writing competition and the Harmony Walk.

In 2015 we are introducing the Short Film competition ( 30 – 60 Seconds ) – this years theme being “Harmony Day – Everyday“.Our committee consists of a wide range of individuals and some other organisations, including STARTTS, the Australian Bahaií, Multicultural NSW , the Australian MEFF Consortium, CISA (the International Student Association )

NRL, Cricket Australia, Together for Humanity. We are honoured to have Regal Patronage by his Excellency, General David Hurley. We are non-political and humanitarian.

Our Ambassadors are in alphabetical order – Jihad Dib, Mario Fenech, Stepan Kerkyasharian AM, Dr Natalie Mobini, Hugh Riminton, Dr Tim Soutphossane, Dr Charlie Teo, Tim Wilson.

I am very impressed by your AMUST monthly newspaper – it helps to build bridges to different communities – and proves what a wonderful melting pot Australia is.

Lucky to be living here away from the major conflicts that plagues our world. Let us appreciate it.