Come, take my hand, gently squeeze it and I’ll take you down a culinary adventure that will blow your mind. Ever since I could remember, I was always on the hunt, looking for places to satisfy my eagerness in discovering something for the first time.

Having my mind blown at the flavours, textures, learning how it is prepared and the cultural history behind different foods – it’s a privilege to have the money, time, and freedom to go out there. Sydney is such an amazing place to live in, we have a great food scene. There is this dynamic variety of different cultural food experiences – one of our greatest achievements in my opinion.

I love doing sharing adventures with others, especially foodie ones. Food is something we all have in common, it brings people of all backgrounds together. It’s something to bond over, to mend things with and to discuss. It is, in part, a platform to communicate with each other. There is such a pleasure in watching someone’s face when they discover a new dish. Their eyes light up, a smile across the face, and their anticipation in every bite.

Kebab Abo Ali | 43 Spencer St, Fairfield.

This restaurant is definitely one of the highlights of Fairfield. There aren’t many Iraqi restaurants around, and they know it. I remember when they use to be small, but they have expanded their size (moving to a bigger place) due to their success and demand. Don’t be fooled by the ethnic restaurant at a south west suburb of Fairfield, its not cheapie cheap food. Most people haven’t eaten Iraqi food, let alone the signature dish: The Parda Plaw, which literally means rice covered in a sheet. The Parda plaw is a lamb rice, wrapped in dough, slathered with butter and baked in the oven. It is a big ball of bread until you break it open to see this delicious rice spill out. Every single person I’ve taken there has been in awe of it. Its huge, enough to feed two people – who aren’t afraid of a little carb overload.

 Kebab Abo Ali

Location: 43 Spencer St, Fairfield NSW (Near Fairfield Station Parking)

Price: $$

Must Try: Parda Plaw