World Cup ticket sales set to hit one million as the anticipation builds for the biggest one-day tournament in Cricket history.

Cricket fans from all over the country congregate this Sunday 15 February in Adelaide for a thriller between traditional rivals India and Pakistan in a preliminary match which is anticipated to rival a final and will be watched by more than one billion people world wide.

The International Cricket Council ICC reports that already three matches have been completely sold out: these are matches between India Vs Pakistan, New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka, and Australia Vs New Zealand. Other three matches have limited availability.

ICC chief executive David Richardson said “The ICC Cricket World Cup is on track to be the most open and competitive tournament ever. I’d urge everyone who can to get out to do so and support their team.”

The anticipated clash between India & Pakistan resulted in tickets being sold out within minutes of going on sale last year.

Apart from the inherent rivalry that any Indo-Pak encounter always inspires, both sides have got a talented bunch of cricketers. Therefore, naturally whenever these two sides meet, it is guaranteed to be a high quality and fiercely fought game of cricket.

Despite being a preliminary game, some have called this the mother of all matches as both teams will stretch their limits to achieve victory egged on by a huge team of fans moving to Adelaide.

India and Pakistan have played some of the most exciting matches with nail biting finishes, predicting the winner may be no easy task. Only the Ashes can be compared to the Indo-Pak rivalry.

India’s weakness lies in their bowling skills as they do not have express pace or mystery spin, however show obvious strength in their batting. Pakistan, who are struggling after losing Junaid Khan due to his injury and the suspension of Mohammad Hafeez and Saeed Amjal from bowling.


Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan will be doing the commentary

The build up for the game continues as three of India’s heavyweights are attending the match in Adelaide as commentators. Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan will be doing the commentary with his smooth yet serious voice alongside stellar cricket commentators, Harsh Bhogle and Kapil Dev, a former Indian Cricket Captain.

“There is nothing that Mr Bachchan’s voice can’t do. The one thing he hadn’t done was cricket commentary” said India’s best-known baritone filmmaker, Balakrishnan.

Having Amitabh Bachchan play the role of commentator binds India and Pakistan together in this universally appealing performance.

Australia, South Africa and New Zealand are strong teams at the top, who do not depend on just a couple of players to take them home. In addition to top in-form batsmen and bowlers, they are exceptional fielding teams with athletic stamina to last almost two months of gruelling one day cricket. Each of these three countries has a cricket captain with tactical strategy and skills to win on the kind of grounds in Australia. They will be the top contenders to win the cup.

Hashim Amla, the South African captain, of Indian background, opener and Mr consistent who has been regularly hitting centuries as well as occasional double and triple centuries will be a man to watch. A devout Muslim, he has the temperament to lead his side to a world cup win.

Players to watch: Lookalike Hashem Amla (left) and Moeen Ali (right)

Players to watch: Lookalike Hashem Amla (left) and Moeen Ali (right)

A look alike of Amla is Moeen Ali, the English all-rounder of Pakistani background, opening batsman and a consistent wicket taker. Both Amla and Moeen Ali, excellent cricketers they are, standing tall, can be spotted from far away with their flowing long beards.

Australia, playing on their home ground and with a talented all-rounder team in all departments of bowling, batting and fielding and well experienced to tackle big moments under pressure would be the favourites to win the world cup this year.