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Part 5 – Attributes 25 to 31 of Allah


25. Al-Mudhill – The Dishonourer

“Say, ‘O Allah, Owner of Sovereignty; You bestow sovereignty to whom You will and take it away from whom You will. You exalt whom You will and You dishonour whom You will. In Your hand (allegorically) is all good. Indeed, You are over all things competent’.”

“You cause the night to enter the day, and You cause the day to enter the night and You bring the living out of the dead and You bring the dead out of the living. And You give provision to whom You wish without limit or measure.”

(Quran: Āl-e-‘Imrān, 3:26, 27)

A believer, in one spectacle observes the performance of the disbelievers and finds them flourishing and prosperous in the world. And, one the other side, the believer looks one’s own plight of scarcities and calamities. This gets him encompassed with wishful expectation.

Get reminded! The Prophet and his companions had been facing this situation during the revelation of these two verses. Marvellously Allah presents His directives through His Prophet to the human beings as His verdicts.

26. As-Samī’ – The All-Hearer

“Indeed, Allah chose Adam and Noah and the family of Abraham and the family of ‘Imrān1 over the worlds.

“Descendants, some of them from others. And Allah hears all and knows all.”

“(Remember!) When the wife of ‘Imran2 said, ‘My Rabb (The Sustainer)! I have pledged to You what is in my womb, consecrated (for Your service), so accept this from me. Indeed, You are the All-Hearer the All-Knower’3.”

(Quran: Āl-e-‘Imrān, 3:33-35)

‘Imrān was the name of the father of Moses and Aaron which is named ‘Amram’ in the Bible.

There is a common misunderstanding about the followers of Christianity that they are not monotheists as they assign divinity and the sonship of Allah to Jesus. The verse number 33 removes this misunderstanding in the Quran. So Islam and Christianity have the same Islamic view Al-Deen (Weltanschauung). It declares that all these mentioned Prophets in Al-Quran were human beings, born of the predecessor ones; none was God (Allah). Rather Allah selected all these special persons as His messengers for the propagation of Truth and sound moral dealings for the human beings to believe and act upon.

“The wife of ‘Imrān: Here ‘Imrān should not be considered as the one who was the father of Moses and Aaron. According to Evangelic scriptures the father of Mary was Joachim. Thus the mother of Mary belonged to a separate clan comprised of Zachariah. So the mother of Mary and that of Zachariah were cousins in the same clan (Luke, 1:5, 35, 36).

The mother of Mary supplicates this prayer to Allah with the full belief that Allah hears the prayers of His servants (all the human beings) and is fully aware of their sincerity and intention.

27. Al-Basīr – The All-Seeing

“This is the established practice of Allah in the past and never will you find any change in the practice of Allah.”

“And it is He Who has withheld their hands from you and your hands from them in the valley of Makkah (through the peace Treaty of Hudaibiyah) after He caused you to overcome them. And ever is Allah, of what you act, Seeing2.”

“It was they who dishonoured the truth and disband you from the Sacred Mosque and prevented your offering for reaching its place of sacrifice. And had there not been believing men and believing women (in Makkah) whom you might have unknowingly trampled underfoot and thus become guilty. Allah may admit to His mercy whom He will. Had the believers stood apart from them (the disbelievers), we would certainly have punished the disbelievers among them with painful punishment.”

(Quran: Al-Fath, 48:23-25)

Practice (Sunnah) of Allah: this eternal divine practice is the absolute truth that Allah dishonours the disbelievers having battle with the Prophets of Allah and supports His Prophets with tremendous help.

Allah was seeing and watching how believers became determined to sacrifice their honour, prestige and life for the path of Allah with complete sincerity and devotion. Allah was also watching the high-handedness of the disbeliever. Hence the situation demanded that the disbelievers have been dishonoured and destroyed ultimately through the believers. But there was His Wisdom and Foresightedness that Allah withheld their hands as well as the hands of the believers.

28. Al-Hakam – The Arbitrator

“The Jews say, ‘The Christians are not on the right track’ and the Christians say, ‘The Jews are not on the right track’; although they both read the Scriptures (Torah or Gospel) 1. Thus those who have no knowledge (the pagan Arabs) 2 say accordingly as they like. Allah will arbitrate in their differences on the day of Judgement.

“And who are more unjust than those who prevent people from the name of Allah (God) being mentioned (praised) in His Masājid (places of worship) and strive towards their destruction 3. It is not proper for people to enter except with His fear (consciousness) for them there is disgrace in this world and great punishment in the Hereafter.”

(Quran: Al-Baqarah, 2:113, 114)


After the arrival of the Prophet in Madinah, the majority of Madinans honoured and respected him as the saviour of the Madinan people enabling all of the different groups to become united as one plural society of different cultures and creed. These included the pagans, the Jews and Christians, the Ansar (Madinan Helper Believers), and the Muhajireen (Madinan Immigrant Believers). This situation was not in the interest of the Bani Israil Jews and Christians dominating over the Madinans as their leaders and superiors, being further incited by the Madinan pagans leaders and the Quraish pagans who used to stay during their train journeys through Madinah.

The Quran declares that the actual relationship between the Jews and Christians, in spite of having the same divine religion (Islam) under the Prophets Moses (a) and Jesus (a), are bent upon destroying the message of Islam just because the present Prophet was not from the progeny of Bani Israil but from the cousin-race Bani Ismail. Jews and Christians are not united together as they attack each other for going astray.

These words are used for the polytheists of the Quraish. They are unacquainted with the Scriptures and the Prophets. They have started taking the side of the Bani Israil in being against the Prophet who was from their own tribe and of a most reputable family. Allah is declaring to the people that this attitude is going to be dealt with by Himself on the Day of Resurrection in the Court of Allah. The Prophet is directed not to bother about their present opposition. Rather, he has to continue his mission of conveying the message of true Islam with patience and tolerance.

It refers to the persons craving for the attainment of Paradise, who perform the evil actions of destroying the workshop places of the rival religions just because of having enmity and hatred against the Believers. History has already proved (before the revelation of the Quran) that the terrible and deadly wars between the Jews and Christians occurred for the possession and usage of the Holy Temples of Jerusalem and is still going on. According to the Quran teaching of Allah to the Believers, it is a heinous sin to kill any person or to destroy any place of worship. Unfortunately, history repeats itself. Muslims also started destroying the Christians and the tragedy of the long crusade wars is the clear proof of the disobedience to Allah. Even the present hatred and terrorist activities among the three purely monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) is still prevalent, which should immediately be stopped by the advocates of these religions.

29. Al-‘Adl – The Judge

“Should I seek a judge other than Allah, when He is the One Who has revealed this Book (the Quran) with full details1. Thus whom we gave the Book earlier, know very well that it is revealed to you from your Rabb (the Sustainer); so you should not be of those who have doubts.”

“The words of your Rabb have been fulfilled with credibility and justice; there is no way to change His words. He is the Hearer, the Knower2.”

(Quran: Al-An’ām, 6:113, 114, 115)

The addressee is the Prophet but the message is directed to the believers. Allah has revealed the realities in His Books. He has completely made clear that the believers shall have to work hard for the establishment of truth. Then why shall the believers seek some other being to remove the present situation or exhibit some miracle to compel the disbelievers to get transformed into the believers?

Then the ones who have the knowledge of divine revelations and comprehend the role of the Prophets of Allah would confirm that whatever has been revealed in the Quran is the eternal reality.

30. Al-Laţīf – The Perfect Resourceful

31. Al-Khabīr – The All-Acquainted

“That is Allah, Your Rabb (the Sustainer), there is no deity but Him, the Creator of all things. So worship him; He is the Disposer of everything.”

“No vision can grasp Him1 while he grasps all visions and He is the Perfect Resourceful, the All-Acquainted.”

“Now there have come to you clear insights from your Rabb (the Sustainer), to open your eyes. Therefore whoever opens his eyes, it is for (the benefit of) his own soul and whoever will remain blind, it is to his own (loss). And say2, ‘I am not a keeper over you’3.”

(Quran: Al-An’ām, 6:102, 103, 104)

Allah cannot be seen by the humans in their living in this world. The people of Paradise will be able to see Allah on the day of Resurrection:

“(Some) faces, that Day, shall be radiant, looking at their Rabb.”               

(Quran: Al-Qiyamah, 75: 22, 23

This sentence is the words of Allah declared by the Prophet as the presenter. It is just like Surah al-Fatiha the words of Allah which are presented by the believers in the prayer. At many places in the Qur’an the presenters are changed sometimes as the Prophet, sometimes as the believers, as the People of the books, as the disbelievers and polytheists, as the Quraish, as the Arabs and humans.

Similarly the addressees are frequently changed sometimes as the Angel conveying the revelation to the Prophet, the group of Angels, the Prophets and the believers. In all the events of the addressees and presenters, each and every word in the Qur’an is only the Holy, Noble words of Allah.

The Prophet is directed by Allah to make clear to the disbelievers that the task assigned to him by Allah is the main task of the Prophet in this world. In other words it means: ‘my task is only to present the admonition before you in the form of warnings’. At the moment you are not fulfilling the order of Allah because of neglect as you are blind to comprehend and believe about the life after death where all your ideas and actions are to be accounted for. If you sincerely pay full attention to the message conveyed in the Qur’an and change your lifestyle and start believing in the absolute Truth, and you will achieve the tiding of eternal Jannah in the Hereafter.

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