The display of religious testimony by infamous goon at Martin Place to engage in most despicable act was utterly blasphemous which would leave him out of the religious fold, he claimed to belong to. As our hearts go out to those who suffered during those very disturbing hours for our nation, it is pleasing to see the community leaders on all sides coming out to pledge their faith to this nation and ensure that peace and harmony is maintained. Our great nation will stay great and such cowardly acts will not deter its people from the great values of freedom and love, we enjoy.

Back in 2001, following twin tower attacks, I remember several world leaders and scholarly people pleading that the root cause of terrorism be identified and treated so as to restore peace to this planet. It is heart breaking that those in-charge did not heed to  the words of wisdom, rather opted to further inflame matters. As a result, innocent people around the world keep paying the price.

Our deepest sympathies and love are for the dear ones of two brave individuals who sacrificed their lives and for others who went through the terrible ordeal.

Zahid Jamil

Sydney, NSW