Illness: Shoebur Rahman is an Indian (originally from Kanpur) Muslim International student studying Podiatry at La Trobe University. He is around 21years old has been hospitalised because of a severe case of a stroke.

He is lonely in this country and he needs financial help as well as community support. He has had some financial support from Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV).

He is much better now, but stuttering still from the effect of his illness. Again the health insurance are covering his hospital bills, they are not responsible for his physio and rehabilitation costs, let alone his rent.

Due to the strong reference from the hospital, his parents did manage to come to Australia. His father, Mr Hifzur Rahman is an Old Boy of Aligarh Muslim University who graduated in Mechanical Engineering in early ‘70s. He has been diagnosed with leukaemia and had to leave Australia and is now hospitalised in India.

Shoeb’s mother is confused whether to remain with her son or to join her husband in India. Both need constant attention. For the time being she is with her son.

Financial position: Since Shoeb’s father is hospitalised, his financial situation is pretty dire. Although the hospital bill was covered by health insurance and rent by ICV, he needs help in order to cover his day to day expenses, physiotherapy and rehabilitation expenses.

Contact: Shoebur Rehman Ph: 0452289182

Email: [email protected]

Banking Details: Commonwealth Bank

Account name: SHOEBUR REHMAN

BSB No. 063575; Account No: 10428252