The unique annual production, the “Schools Inspire 2014” will be held on Friday 5 December at Bankstown’s Bryan Brown Theatre, Sydney starting at 6.30 pm.

This will be the biggest event in Australia lead by Australian Muslim schools and the community to celebrate diversity together with other other schools in a 3 hour show on a professional stage.

This spectacular event is presented by INSPIRE Inc a non for profit organisation in collaboration with the Australian Nasheed & Arts Academy focused on presenting this annual event to showcase the dedication and hard work of young stage performers, with the theme Unite the Australian Community of all faiths, races and backgrounds through dance, public speaking, drama, martial arts, singing, and other forms of creative and performing arts in a supportive, inclusive environment. Participating children gain self-confidence from performing in front of audiences, a skill required for life.

INSPIRE aims to introduce a new generation of Muslim children to the wider Australian Community and vice versa to create a future of tolerance and understanding through the most universal method; creative expression! And at the same time showing them that a career in the field of creative and performing arts without sacrificing their faith and beliefs is a possibility.

“I’m so proud that these students want to perform, they have a message to send and they deserve to be heard” said INSPIRE founder Alsu Kurlow.

“We have performers from all different backgrounds and we want to provide opportunities to those who often miss out”. “For example we found that some Muslim girls were not comfortable performing in front of males for modesty reasons and so chose to opt out. Instead of leaving them behind or questioning their reasons we simply provided the girls with the unique opportunity to perform through a female only part of the event. Since then these girls have not only joined but have developed into our best performers and we’ve learnt a lot from them and their cultural beliefs”. “Their performances are exceptionally moving and we almost missed out on the experience just because of logistics” said Alsu.

“It’s a project I’ve always believed in and performance is a language anyone can understand. The primary mission of the ‘Schools Inspire’ is to encourage young people to aspire, to dream and to exercise their right to express themselves creatively through arts no matter what their religion, race or background. That’s the purpose of INSPIRE and I look forward to a long future of performing children.”

The event is different, offering:

Female students are provided with the unique opportunity to perform ballet, contemporary dance, singing and martial arts through a female only part of the event.

The event showcases: public speaking, drama, poetry, martial arts, singing, dancing and other forms of creative and performing arts with the running theme of UNITY.

Students participating will be recognised and awarded with a sense of community contribution and achievement and other wonderful rewards

Amazing guest performers to inspire the younger performers

Voice only music, percussion instruments and synthetic computer generated sounds used during auditions and performances.

Yearly event to continually build on the acceptance and understanding of our children with each other

One of the largest Muslim schools in Sydney “Malek Fahd Islamic School” was one of the first schools to sign up this year and has its students practicing for this end of year event for an entire term. It’s the first opportunity their students have had to participate in such a grand stage performance and their excitement is building

A student from the Australian Nasheed & Arts Academy said “Our dance is about everyone being able to enjoy to dance, and anyone can do it”. A ballet student also said ‘Without this, I would never dance and sing in public, as I can do it only in front of a female audience. I’m so excited to be able to dance because that’s my favourite part, I don’t think I would ever dance or sing on stage otherwise.’.

The Schools Inspire 2014 event is proudly sponsored and supported by the following generous organisations:

Bryan Brown Theatre, Baraka Women, Crescent Wealth and Al Firdaus Qur’an College.

The Schools Inspire 2014 event is an open event for the entire community.

Admission is FREE for performing students and $22 for parents and the general public.

Tickets are available through the Bryan Brown Theatre box office!brown-brown-theatre-whats-on/czs5

For more information, please call 0416 136 133


Email: [email protected]