The first ever Schools Inspire was a hit success. Opened by founder Alsu Kurlow with the words “It’s a dream come true”, the event with 100 performers and 250 guests Schools Inspire 2014 was definitely an ambitious, big event that was delivered with a great reception and inspired hearts everywhere. It certainly felt like a dream being realized to all those in attendance. This remarkable annual production, is the biggest event in Australia lead by Australian Muslim schools and community. All night the performances celebrated diversity together with other Non-Muslim performers & guests in a 4 hour show at the Bryan Brown Theatre, a professional stage in the heart of Bankstown NSW.


The excitement of presenting the Schools Inspire event in two acts, the first for female only performers and guests was highly enjoyed and one of the nights highlights. The first Act was opened by VIP guest Um AbdulRaham of Daar Aisha college saying that she too had a dream for a similar event. A place where our children can revive the traditional arts of Islam and was very proud to see INSPIRE’s event. The female only performances were exceptionally moving and included singing, daff performance, contemporary dance, fashion parade, ballet, nasheed singing, tricking and martial arts and each was received with high acclaim from the audience .The hit of Act one was the entire cast singing to the song “Happy”.013A8599_3

After a short intermission Act two also started with great excitement and included girls and boys performers, guests and family. Opened by another VIP guest Maha Abdo of Muslim Women Association with her support and understanding of what a difference such an event will make for our community. This Act was again full of great performances and lots of laughs with David Mitsak a wonderful spoken word poet from Australian Nasheed & Arts Academy. David along with Daff teacher, Anas Hidar trained students of Malek Fahd Islamic School, Hoxton Park for the event and also performed on the night. After an awards ceremony for the children the event ended with tremendous applause and enjoyment.


Poem “My name is Islam” recited by Stephanie Kurlow

The spectacular event is presented by INSPIRE INC a non for profit organisation focused on presenting this annual event to showcase the dedication and hard work of local young stage performers in a supportive inclusive environment. Schools Inspire was presented in collaboration with Australian Nasheeds & Arts Academy and its schools including: Malek Fahd Islamic School Hoxton Park, Al Fikr Home Education Support Centre, Sisters by Deen, Muslim Women Association and Invincible Worldwide.


“This type of event is essential for our community.  It’s a secure and safe place for our children to perform and it needs to grow and prosper into the future . And the feedback has been so wonderfully positive and supportive” said Alsu, the founder of ‘Inspire Inc’ after receiving feedback immediately on the night, facebook and direct messages from parents and guests.


Poem “Free the toes” by David Mitsak

Some of the comments were as follows:

“This year’s School Inspire, was very organised, impressive and professional. Each interactive performance kept the audience focused and highly entertained. The events team did a great job and ensured all housekeeping rules were applied, which created a comfortable environment for the viewers. Thank you, and looking forward to the next event!” She said.

“Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to perform on stage. All the children and the whole entire performances was beautiful and very entertaining.”

“I would just like to greatly thank you for the experience and joy you have given to my daughter. I was extremely proud and tearful of joy of all the effort that was put in up to till the night of the performance. Thank you. You have made my little girl so happy.”

The Schools Inspire 2014 event was proudly sponsored and supported by the following generous organisations:

Bryan Brown Theatre, Baraka Women, Crescent Wealth, Al Firdaus Qur’an College, SBS Radio, Bankstown Council, Daar Aisha, Malek Fahd Islamic School Hoxton Park, Muslim Women Association, Invincible Worldwide, Sisters by Deen, Australian Nasheed & Arts Academy, Three Princesses Florist and Australasian Muslim Times

It is only with the help of these wonderful sponsors that this event could be staged. INSPIRE thanks their sponsors for helping to introduce a new generation of Australian children of all faiths and background to the wider Australian Community.

Alsu says her commitment to the future of the event will continue and is excited to have more children experience the joy of performing. “It’s a project I’ve always believed in and performance is a language anyone can understand. The primary mission of the ‘Schools Inspire’ is to encourage young people to aspire, to dream and exercise their right to express themselves creatively through arts no matter what their religion, race or background they belong. That’s the purpose of INSPIRE and I look forward to a long future of performing children.”


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