The Annual General Meeting of the Australian MEFF Consortium, organisers of the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair was held on Sunday 30 November at Bossley Park Community Centre, Sydney with the presentation of the Annual Report and election of new Management and Executive committees.

Mrs Mehar Ahmad who led MEFF for the last three years as President gave a detailed report of MEFF’s achievements and advice for future improvements.

“We definitely have come so far in being the pioneers establishing the first, largest and the longest running festival in Australia. I look back and am amazed at all the challenges we have overcome and all that we have achieved during these three years”, Mehar said.

Mehar personally thanked all the individual committee members for their dedication to their role and taking initiative in completing their responsibilities. She highlighted all the achievements that have been reached, notably MEFF being a finalist for the Australian Multicultural Marketing Awards.

She said “It has been an honour and privilege leading the celebration of the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair into its 30th year.

This year was a great challenge for MEFF as a number of Eid festivals were being held in surrounding suburbs especially in Liverpool. MEFF came up with innovative ideas to promote MEFF through regular e-newsletter to thousands of people, bill boards, flyers and newspaper advertisements in order to maintain its large number of attendees.

As a major attraction the roaring dinosaur was introduced and it was a big success. MEFF is the only festival that has the Dinosaur. The Dinosaur was named as Tarek the T-Rex.

Elections were held with nomination for various positions in the Management Committee as well as for the membership of the Executive Committee.

The new committee will now be headed by the newly elected President of MEFF, Manar Ahmad based in Canberra. MEFF will be using cutting edge communication technologies to manage the distance gap between the President and the rest of the committee members and MEFF office in Sydney.

The newly elected President, Manar Ahmad spoke about the idea of collaboration and a strong integration between executive and management committee members. He spoke on improving efficiency and sharing the burden of work.

“I would like to acknowledge the work of past Presidents, especially that of Mehar Ahmad, taking us to where we are now”.


Election Results

Management Committee

Manar Ahmad                     President

Ali Alsalami                         Vice President 1

Shujaat Siddiqui                 Vice President 2

Hanif Bismi                         Vice President 3

Aamir Ahmad                      Secretary

Najia Khalil                         Assistant Secretary

Saminah Ahmad               Treasurer

Ibrahim Khalil                   Assistant Treasurer

Executive Committee

Jazib Farid

Fousiya Bismi

Sakinah Ahmad

Naveen Krishnasamy

Abrar Al Saleh

Shafqat Ali

Usman Siddiqui

Waliullah Bokhari


The trustees and patrons of MEFF remain as follows for the time being:

Patrons: Dr Q Ashfaq Ahmad, Dr Mohammad Taha Alsalami, Mr Zia Ahmad

Trustees: Dr Q Ashfaq Ahmad, Mr Aziz Akbar, Mr Zia Ahmad