The Islamic Sciences & Research Academy ISRA held the annual ‘Infinite Light Symposium’ on Friday 28 November at Bryan Brown Theatre, Bankstown, Sydney.

Every year at this time, ISRA focuses on a different aspect of the Prophet’s personality. The 2014 theme was to look at Prophet Muhammad (s) being a mercy to humanity.

The main speaker for this event was Sheikh Ahmad Abdo, who spoke on ‘Mercy to the worlds, not just Muslims: How merciful was Prophet Muhammad (s)?

He said “Today, we need to live the Sunnah and not just know about it. Knowing Sunnah and living Sunnah are two very different things”.

The second speaker Zuleyha Keskin spoke on difference between love and mercy: the significance of the Prophet’s mercy for Islam and Muslims in the modern world.

“Let your heart ache for all people, let your compassion drive you to act in your circle of influence to make a positive difference. Let compassion urge you to make dua for those in your circle of concern and by doing so, caring about others’ eternal well-being” She said.

Performances on the night were a poetry reading from Hameed Attai and nasheed performances from Al Bashir Annashad Group as well as by Muhammad Cengic and Musa Hodzic.

The event was particularly special because the winners of the Everyone’s Reading Competition were announced, a competition which attracted more than 1000 registrations.

Winners for the Primary School Category were Omar Al Zeidat, Ilyas Baqaie and Hadeer Khan, for High School Category were Ayash Rafaat, Samet Durmoz, Mohammed Altahir and for the Open Cateogory were Mohammad Rana, Mohammad Omar Wardak and Ekrem Ozdemir.

Great cash prizes were given to all winners and an Umrah Trip worth $4000.