22 November 2014

Students, teachers and parents of the weekend Canberra Islamic School (CIS) went out of their comfort zone today and went for a day trip to the Careys Caves as part of their annual excursion.  The caves are part of a heritage area and are located near the township of Wee Jasper just northwest of Canberra.

It was an early start to the trip with everyone arriving at the Canberra Masjid between 6 and 7am to start the long journey.  After a brief break near Yass, the coach travelled past the town of Wee Jasper and arrived at the caves at 9:30am.

The tour of the caves was in two groups, with the second group relaxing in the shaded area, enjoying the view whilst the first group went in.  The tours took about an hour and a half each but the time went fast as there were so many wonderful sights to see.

The caves are made out of water eroding through limestone rocks over millions of years. It was a very education and entertaining tour, with Geoff the tour guide providing most of the entertainment with jokes and anecdotes and also keeping the troublesome parents in line!

The group then went to the Wee Jasper reserve for lunch and prayer whilst the kids (and some adults) got their feet and more wet in the Murrumbidgee River before the seemingly long and sleepy ride home.

Alhamdolillah it was a successful day with a lot of enjoyment.  The CIS, which was established in 1974 and has 175 students, are now gearing up for the end of year prizegiving and parent teacher discussions on 14 December.

For more information visit the CIS website on www.canberraislamicschool.com.au.

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