Arabic Made in China is a series of different online courses on the Arabic language.

The course, founded by Dr Imran Lum, is an online learning course teaching Arabic in a lifestyle format.

The goal of Arabic Made in China is to get people to love learning Arabic rather than having fear of learning it.

Dr Lum’s method is simple, learn Arabic by speaking with people and teach others what you learn. He says “I believe that learning Arabic should be fun and enjoyable.”

Frustrated that many people had a negative association with learning the Arabic language, he started teaching Arabic to friends in the same relaxed lifestyle way that he was taught Arabic.

The aim of Arabic Made In China is to change the perception about learning Arabic to show the learners that learning the language can be a positive experience.

Dr Imran Lum comes from a Chinese and Malay background and as a non-Arab growing up in Australia, he initially had no interest in learning Arabic.

However he was dragged to learn Arabic at Sunday school and found it to be incredibly boring. “I remember a private Arabic tutor coming to my house to teach me one-on-one and I would fall asleep during the class. I couldn’t help it, the way Arabic was taught was just so boring.”

Later on in life, he took a trip to the Middle East. “I vividly remember this old Turkistani guy. He told me Arabic was not just for Arabs, it was for everyone. His words stuck with me ever since.” Dr Lum said.

Coming back to Australia, Dr Lum was fortunate enough to study with a shaikh at a local Masjid for six years. He was taught to learn Arabic in the way a child learns languages. The shaikh emphasised losing all inhibitions, embrace making mistakes and just start speaking.

For Arabic Made in China Each course comes with video tutorials showing interesting people that have different connections with the language. There is also an accompanying worksheet with questions and activities that have new phrases and vocabulary.

“Learning should be experiential and students shouldn’t be too worried about grammar, because that comes later” He said.

Dr Lum has taught people across Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe.

He has taught university students, young professionals, Islamic bank executives, unemployed people, expats and students studying religion. People studied for all reasons like understanding religious texts, for relationships, for business, for travel and some just for fun.

“Arabic Made in China is the brainchild of one of my students who encouraged me to take this style of teaching Arabic to a wider audience in an online format”, He said.

If a Chinese Malay guy who was born and raised in Australia can learn basic Arabic, it might encourage others to try” said Dr Lum.