The shocking history of ALP support for Likud policies, including Gillard’s foolish intention to vote with Palau and Micronesia on the recognition of Palestine, has alienated many people from that party.

One of the major questions for the near future, particularly if a far right government is re-elected in Israel, will be how to deal with the inevitable implosion of that entity. It will be very important for the Muslim population to protect, as in the past, the Jewish people. The degree of alienation imposed by Israeli policies makes that a real problem for the future.

Yuri Avnery, Israeli peace activist wrote in “Muhammad’s sword” 23/09/06 “Every honest Jew who knows the history of his people cannot but feel a deep sense of gratitude to Islam, which has protected the Jews for fifty generations, while the Christian world persecuted the Jews and tried many times “by the sword” to get them to abandon  their faith.” Hopefully that relationship can be re-established in the future.

Bilal Cleland

Melbourne, VIC