The Sound of Light Concert is being organised in all the major cities of Australia, this year: Melbourne Friday 14 November, Sydney Saturday 15 November, Adelaide Sunday 16 November and Perth Monday 17 November.

The performers this year will include internationally renowned entertainers, Maher Zain, Imam Siraj Wahaj, Preacher Moss and Raef.

Sound of Light concert is a shariah compliant family entertainment for all Australians and is organised by Human Appeal International, Australia and sponsored by a large number of businesses, organisations and institutions.

Sound of Light in the past was held in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and now in 2014. It has been a mega event attracted a total audience of more than 30,000 so far.

This event attracts mostly young people who identify themselves as Australian Muslims rather than as Lebanese, Egyptians, Indians or Indonesians, concerned about the global Ummah in general and trying to help the orphans overseas.

The last Sound of Light concert in 2011 included artists from various backgrounds specially the budding ones from Europe, North America and Australia. Although these artists were from different backgrounds, they identified themselves first and foremost as Muslims and sang in two most important languages Arabic and English. At the same time it was great to see that these artists also sang in each other’s ethnic languages as well bringing about the sharing of each other’s heritage and culture. It was great to see Maher Zain (Swedish-Lebanese) singing in  Arabic, English as well as Urdu; Irfan Makki (Canadian-Pakistani) singing in English, Urdu as well as Arabic; Gulf Echo Band (Saudi) and Meshari Al-Aradah singing in Arabic as well as English; and last but not the least Azhar Usman (Indian-American) making such good fun of Lebanese-Australian men without offending them.

HAI CEO Bashar Al-Jamal with orphans

HAI CEO Bashar Al-Jamal with orphans

But the highlight the event was the talented play by the orphans from Gaza (Palestine) and the singing by the blind lovely little girl Sumaiyah that moved so many people to tears and motivated them with a great outcome of support pledge for 500 orphans for 3 million dollars within half an hour. It also created the awareness among Australian Muslims present of the plight of the orphans in general and hardship of life in besieged Gaza in particular and showed us the practical way how we in Australia can bring about changes.

My extended family thoroughly enjoyed the night in the form of entertainment, meeting a great number of families and friends, increased our awareness of belonging to a great Ummah and Alhamdolillah had the honour of contributing to this great charitable cause that Human Appeal is performing. This was a great achievement and a fantastic success story.