According to official figures, 282 people lost their lives and 403 were injured due to the devastating floods in the valley of Kasmir. More than 559 bridges, 4,350 miles of roads and hundreds of irrigation canals were heavily affected. In Srinagar alone, 91,000 houses were damaged. In a press conference held last month, Jammu and Kashmir’s chief secretary, Muhammad Iqbal Khanday, said that a preliminary assessment suggests the floods have cost the state $16.3 billion.

The deluge swept away vital government installations. The administrative, security, health and educational infrastructure were under water. The Kashmir government could do little but look to the Indian army and the federal government to bail it out.

On a visit to Kashmir last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced additional central government funding for the state: $28.5 million for the renovation of six major hospitals and $93 million for rebuilding damaged homes.