In recent months we have seen shocking attacks on the population of Gaza, Palestine. Human Appeal International Australia has been connected to our brothers and sisters in Palestine, as we have two offices in Palestine. One office in the West Bank, and the second in Gaza. Through this live link to what is happening on the ground, we are well placed to act fast and respond to the needs of victims in a very short timeframe. In addition to financial and medical aid, Human Appeal is also at the forefront of innovation, creating new ways to support the victims of the bombings.

Transportable homes for Gazans

Transportable homes for Gazans

One such project is the building of temporary transportable homes for families who have lost their homes in Gaza. It is a difficult thing for any of us to imagine, losing one’s home and belongings in an instant. Imagine the shock and horror of having nowhere to sleep, no shelter from the elements, and no storage or provisions for yourself and your family.

At a cost of $6,500 each, Human Appeal has committed to building 50 of these units immediately, with possible plans to build even more, with your support. Our UK office has also followed suit and committed to another 50 with the support of their donors. The Human Appeal International network is coming to the aid of those who need it most in Palestine. An option is available on our website – – to fund one of these homes yourself. This would make a fantastic project for a family, or even a group of families, to come together and fund one house for a family who has lost everything.

Human Appeal has also stood beside Al Shifaa Hospital in Palestine. Gaza’s electricity production facilities are now in ruins, with mains electricity nearly impossible to get. Imagine what is must be like for hospital staff to treat patients with no electricity. Recently, Human Appeal International Australia has transferred $75,000 for the purchase of diesel fuel, to power the diesel generators that now have to power the hospital full time.

Without the selfless generous contributions of our donors, we would not be able to save lives in Gaza. We urge all readers to not only donate, but to engage with their friends, family, and social networks, to raise funds for these projects.

Let us show the people of Palestine that we have not forgotten them, and will never abandon them.