We must be respectful
in our discourse to the woman.
For she may be the fire
that burns a thousand suns,
but it is never below her
to sacrifice for love.

For Allah granted her a strength
we may never possess.
And for all our brawn
and the beating of our chests,
it is upon her heart
that our iman stands the test.

And so blessed is her gift,
as she dons the hijab
and steps forth into the world.
How she, in her efforts to express her beauty
understands that it truly is reserved
for the one who she believes deserved.
And, that in itself,
deserves our respect.

Yah Allah Rabbi,
how wise you were
for granting the woman
with an undying resolve
and the heart of an ocean.

For the woman wears her faith
upon her shoulders;
the weight of which
no man could ever carry.

Respect our sisters, my brothers.
Forget not our duty to them.

Recognise that Allah knew best
when he made us the weaker sex.