If you see a bodgy photoshopped mannequin man’s head with a drawn on beard, welcome to The Crudely Islamified Lakemba Mannequin Man.

A facebook page created by some enthusiastic members of the Muslim community, with just a little too much time on their hands. But thankfully so as they provide amazing rhetoric from The Daily Telegraph’s article “Last drinks in Lakemba: Tim Blair takes a look inside Sydney’s Muslim Land”.

The double page spread in the national newspaper was yet another poor excuse for journalism into how the suburb of Lakemba is a trigger point for Islam taking over Sydney.

While this kind of stereotyping by media is nothing new to the Muslim community, unfortunately an innocent simple mannequin man was just standing outside his shop unbeknownst that his face, name and reputation would be smeared through the mud. He suddenly discovered that he was symbol for Islam taking over Sydney.

He wore a brown abaya and had a black turban around his head, no idea that day when he got dressed that this image would be plastered on the internet. I tried to contact the Mannequin man for comment, but he just stood there. I wanted to know if he appreciated the facebook page, but he did not say. After all he’s been through, I thought best not to push it. But I did see a twinkle in his blueish grey eyes, I think he appreciates it.

In only two short weeks, the page has received 2 616 likes on Facebook, support from the Muslim community and a number of photoshopped images of (I guess our, we claim him as ours now) beloved mannequin man superimposed in some really weird, hilariously funny and interesting images.

The page has received media attention on SBSOne News and Junkee.com.

“The page describes itself as “Perched on the corner of Haldon and Gillies Street, he watches over the Monocultural Emirate of Islamic Lakemba (also known as ‘Sydney’s Muslim Land’).”

The mannequin man has made a number of friends through this ordeal, one of them being @Ottomanscribe who posted images onto Twitter about celebrating the Haldon Street Festival together. They played games, had fairy floss and got a haircut.

The Mannequin Man has been portrayed as Rose from Titanic, Flight Centre advertising one way flights by Team Australia, participant at the “We’ll love Mannequin Man for 100 years”, detained by police, holding fairy floss, getting a haircut, carried on the shoulders of at least eight Tony Abbott, stalking Tony Abbott, a topic of conversation in a UWS University tutorial, Jack Sparrow, Batman, Superman, Kirsten Stuart, on Time Magazine, on Channel 10’s the Project, Reading a book about Orientalism, at the Ecuadorian Embassy, a member of X-Men, Pocahontas, Slender man, Bane from The Dark Knight, Simba, Mackelmore, Gandalf, Obi Wan Kenobi, Rambo and so much more.

For more photos, check out their page https://www.facebook.com/weareallMannequin.