Australia is no doubt the lucky country. This needs appreciation by all Australians, indigenous and those who have settled here for generations as well as the relatively new settlers.

We live in a blessed land living in peace with prosperity, freedom, equal opportunities in fields of education, employment and movement. We can practice freedom of thought, freedom to speak, freedom to associate and freedom to practice our religion and culture.

Moreover being a plural and multicultural society we are, we have the opportunity to celebrate our differences, to understand and appreciate the other and live in harmony with our commonalities as well as differences.

We, Australians live in a safe and secure society without threat to our life, property, family or neighbours protected by rule of law, recourse to justice and freedom to exchange information.

These are our human rights and our representative political, legal, financial and defence system is tuned in order to safeguard these rights. These hard earned rights need to be preserved.

Justice for all is a universal value and added to this is the Australian value of fair go for all. In order to maintain a harmonious society this needs be practiced in every walk of life.

Those of us who migrated to these shores as a result of trouble back home as well as those who venture abroad surely appreciate how lucky we are to be living in this great country.

Each of us have a responsibility to contribute towards the safety and security of our society because this means our security and that of our children and our neighbours. We must ensure that we cooperate in the development of laws and regulations based on justice for all citizens.

We should also be vigilant that troubles overseas do not impact in creating disharmony amongst us. We should voice our opinion, protest as much as we can, but in a respectable way without resorting to violence and violating our laws. We must abide by the laws of the land even if we disagree with these laws. If we feel that these laws are unjust and not fair, then we should employ all political and legal means to change them.

At the same time it is important that what we consider best for ourselves in Australia, we also promote the same values overseas. Our foreign policy should be based on justice and fair go as well. By all means we should preserve our interests, but not at the cost of being unjust.

Australia, by its location, being a continent nation, away from the rivalry of east and west or north and south and with its multicultural success story can play a vital role as an inspiration to troubled societies and in contributing towards world peace.

The sooner Australia disassociates itself from foreign unjust alliances and build up its own independent foreign policy based on fair go for all keeping in mind the pluralistic and multi-ethnic society we are, the better it will be for us domestically as well as globally.