The Gaza crisis has forcibly displaced up to half a million people, equating to almost 30% of Gaza’s population, including about 65,000 people whose homes have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair and have nowhere to return. 

Gaza’s public health system is on the verge of collapse while the number of casualties continues to grow.

Medication and medical supplies, food, water, hygiene materials and fuel are among the essential items urgently required to support the people of Gaza.

Generous donations from communities, organisations and individuals such as yourselves have made it possible for Islamic Help to reach and respond to the disadvantaged populations of Palestine. Against all difficulties and dangers, Islamic Help’s team continue to carry out its obligation towards those in need.


Health and Hygiene

Ten of Gaza’s 26 hospitals have had to shut down and 34 out of 75 primary health clinics have also closed.

Emergency care remains a high priority for staff with medication and equipment running drastically low. Hospitals are dependent, almost exclusively, on back-up generators as their main source of power. The lack of electricity and fuel shortages has further disrupted access to water for the entire population. The problems have been compounded by the destruction of water and sewage treatment plants.


Our Response

Medical supplies worth $200,000 were procured within Gaza and distributed to hospitals in liaison with medical authorities.

200 medical kits were distributed on 22nd July 2014 to Kamal Idwan Hospital, Beit Lahia and Nasser Hospital, Khan Younis.

A shipment of medical supplies worth $198,213.42 (£117,656.67) has been dispatched from Salt Lake City, USA to Palestine. Islamic Help will distribute this shipment within Gaza in partnership with the Palestinian Red Crescent and in coordination with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR.

Sanitation and hygiene is a high priority for displaced Palestinians. The UN Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA – the UN agency responsible for Palestinians – will coordinate the delivery of 3,000 hygiene kits containing essential items on behalf of Islamic Help’s donors.

In response to the fuel crisis affecting Gaza’s hospital generators, on 22 July 2014 an agreement was negotiated between the UNRWA and a coalition of charities led by Islamic Help.

The fuel will be delivered directly by UNRWA to the hospitals with Islamic Help’s support.


Food and Water

Gaza’s displaced population is in increasing need of emergency food assistance and clean drinking water.


Our Response

As part of the emergency food response, our team has distributed 3950 family food packs containing essential food items, reaching 15,800 people in 7 UNRWA schools and non-UNRWA locations.

Many of the families moved to these locations from the Shuja’ya neighbourhood which has been mostly destroyed.

350 of these packs were part of a general distribution to families and the others were:

22 & 24 July 2014: Al-Zaitoun Boys School, UNRWA – 900 food packs

23 July 2014: Al-Bahrain Junior School, UNRWA – 400 food packs

24 July 2014: Al-Zaitoun Girls School, UNRWA – 400 food packs

26 July 2014: Al-Shati Girls School, UNRWA – 362 food packs

26 July 2014: Al-Shati Elementary School, UNRWA – 275 food packs

26 July 2014: Al-Shati Boys School, UNRWA – 212 food packs

26 July 2014: Displaced families outside of UNRWA centres – 58 food packs

26 July 2014: National Agency for Family Care – 491 food packs

27 July 2014: Al-Zaitoun Elementary School, UNRWA – 502 food packs

200 large family food packs, designed to last a family of 5 for a month are being prepared for distribution. Additionally a fortnightly convoy from Jordan to Gaza will supply food items and essential medicines to Palestinians on behalf of Islamic Help.


Rebuilding Lives

Islamic Help’s work in Gaza has only just begun. Through the generosity of our supporters, we have already provided urgently needed food, water and medicines to thousands of people in Gaza. But it is only the beginning. The destruction wrought on the enclave has destroyed communities, infrastructure and people’s lives. The rebuilding of Gaza will take years if not decades.

With teams on the ground providing direct help and aid, and in partnership with United Nations agencies and other organisations like the Palestine Red Crescent, Islamic Help is committed to meeting the immediate needs of Gaza’s population.

As the conflict subsides, we will not only step up our delivery of food, water and hygiene materials alongside medicine and medical supplies, but launch major programmes to help the rebuilding of Gaza. These include 300 water tanks to provide more than 10,500 people with clean drinking water for weeks, and the setting up of a water plant – in conjunction with the Palestinian Water Authority – to provide clean water to 30,000 people daily.

One of the most crucial aspects of our work is ensuring that Gaza’s hospitals keep running. We have committed ourselves to doing that by working with the United Nations to provide additional fuel supplies to operate backup generators at the hospitals.

Again, we and the people of Gaza thank you for your generosity, please continue to help the people of Gaza rebuild their lives.

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