With the calamities confronting us today and the suffering many people, particularly Muslims, are having to endure, it is very easy to despair. It is ironic that such situations condition us to be more inward looking and running in circles when what is required is to be inspired by what came before us and thinking of innovative ways to solve problems..

For too long, we Muslims, in seeking to find solutions to our predicament, have limited ourselves to the final Revelation and the last Prophet (s). No doubt there are many signs and words of wisdom that can be gained through the words of Allah and the words and actions of Muhammad (s) and we should always seek to be consistent with theses teachings..

We Muslims have been ordained by Allah (Quran; 2:285) not to discriminate any of the prophets. Hence, we should seek out the wisdom of other faiths and their adherents and, as long as they do not contradict our core beliefs and teachings, we need to include these in our arsenal for solving the problems that plague us.

We do need to concentrate towards the prophets of the five major world religions,that were directed by Allah.

Jesus and Muhammad, the last two prophets, were the pioneers for the two most important virtues: Jesus for spirituality (Love of God) and Muhammad for the surrender to God working for His kingdom.

Abraham and Moses were the prophets who accomplished peace and order by eradicating evil and incorrect ideas and actions.

Krishna and Buddha taught and practiced wisdom and endurance of sufferings respectively.

My study of most religious scriptures has made me to realise that an abundance of truthful and valuable directives and advices are found in the religion of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists (including the followers of Taoism and Confucius). All these world religions can work together with their basic ultimate faiths. Hence these can come together for finding general harmonious way of living if they start living and respecting each other with love and affection, relegating the bitterness and hatred to history.

As Karen Armstrong, in her book “Muhammad: Prophet for our time” first published in Great Britain by Harper Press 2006, points out:

“. . . the brief history of the twenty-first century shows that neither side has mastered the lessons of history. If we are to avoid catastrophe, the Muslim and western worlds must learn not merely to tolerate but to appreciate one another.”

(Chapter 5-Salam, p.214)